[hchcsen] Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (1991) [BD Remux Dual Audio AVC 2xFLAC] (Kidou Senshi Gundam F91)

2022-11-24 14:38 UTC
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A remux of the JPBD with English audio and subtiles OCR'ed, styled and Keyframe snapped from the USBD Uses the original BD rather than the 2019 "4k remaster" as that one is a disaster

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Would you happen to know if the same is true for 08th MS Team? On the 2020 BD release it states "Features new print and new digital remastering". I'd hate buy a another product like the 4K Akira and Royal Space Force where its a new 4K scan but then filtered like crap.

hchcsen (uploader)

@DamianV8501 the 2020 BD for 08th looks fine from a quick glance but i haven't done any in depth comping on it yet i know the original BD had some issues so there's a chance it was fixed like they did for 0083 https://slow.pics/c/KqMF7jpN
Thanks for the 0083 comparison. That was pretty bad, good thing they actually fixed it on the new release though.
So the 4K transfer for F91 is rubbish, then? Shame, I had hopes it would be at least an adequate improvement over the old transfer like CCA's was.

hchcsen (uploader)

The primary issue with the 4k BD as well as the 1080p one bundled with it are they have 99% of grain removed and the colors on the 1080p are muted while the 4k rip has over saturated colors
Any chance of Gundam Victory?

hchcsen (uploader)

Yes Currently working my way through UC in release order Just had this basically done around the same time as X so i decided to release it
really wish Japan would stop degraining the SHIT out of their anime, was really excited over the idea of a F91 UHD release until finding out how badly they degrained it.