[Bereke Scrubs] G-Saviour [480p]

2023-10-22 22:03 UTC
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So we did this originally when our encoder and a friend of theirs tried watching G-Saviour and couldn't understand half the dialogue in the movie (due to poor audio mixing and quality) at the time as an April Fools joke to sub the movie in English (by transcribing all the lines, with some arguments involved as to what people were even saying). We then posted it and to our surprise it has since ended up the *most popular and available copy of G-Saviour on the internet*. While the subtitle has had some cool effects (usage for people who need or want subtitles, the fact an Indonesian fansub used it as a base for their work), it does mean the most commonly available copy of the movie on the internet has subtitles on it by default as a joke. As such, I set the subs to be not on by default and fixed several other tagging issues before uploading it here. Subs are still included for people who find them useful. This has optional English softsubs, a hardsubbed version is available. --- We'd like to present to you the first live action Gundam film, with all original subtitles, and sourced from the DVD, with both English and Japanese audio tracks. The DVD for this has been out of print for a while in North America. Enjoy. :) There's a separate softsubbed release available. Blog: https://berekescrubs.wordpress.com/

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