Ling Long (Spirit Cage) Incarnation - Episodes 13-15

2021-06-09 00:20 UTC
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These are the last Three Episodes of Season 1. I really hope that there is an S2 (likely) as this series is amazing, very interesting & not funded by Fox... Thank the Godz, LOL. Sources from net (various have been around awhile) re encoded to my pref. as best able. 1080p - H.264 - WMA V2 128 kbps (as feel good compatibility) BTW. - (L Box as couldn't full screen with new audio settings, yet this enables actually reading the pause screen info :)) I hope you enjoy & please leave a reasonable opinion.. This is prompted for ThatHardName24C as I appreciate the support :)

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Thanks @Dryvern Do you know where i can find the softsubs for Ep 1 to 10. I was thinking if we could remux the subtitle with GM-Team source ( we would get the best viewing experience. EP 11 to 15 seems to be in good shape and the source from ( is quite good.
@coco1234 you can find all episodes here:

Dryvern (uploader)

You're welcome Moses & Coco:) Unfortunately I do not know where subs alone would be - as for Sauron's link (nice direct btw) it seems you can get the raw n subbed via Kurina (if you can sift past all the adds & the links work) - they may be soft subbed as needed (probably got 11-12 there).. Sorry I can not be of more help :)
Thanks @Sauron and @Dryvern