[iKaos] [SoM] Dragon Ball Z - SP1&2 (TV Specials) v2 - [Toei Remaster DE-BD] Multi-Audio [Broadcast JPN+ENG FUNi+AB Dubs][1080p][x264][8bit]

2021-04-19 05:14 UTC
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#### Other Releases: [Dragon Ball](https://nyaa.si/view/1436046) // [Dragon Ball Z](https://nyaa.si/view/1331089) // [Dragon Ball Z Level Sets](https://nyaa.si/view/1478354) // [Dragon Ball GT](https://nyaa.si/view/1440407) ### New versions of the HD Toei Remasters of the DBZ TV Specials, with upgrades based on the batch release. #### [Seed of Might Q&A Discord Link](https://discord.gg/5HuFcx5msE) ### Video | Episodes | Source | Resolution | PAR | DAR | Scan Type | FPS | Format | Encoder | Media Info | |:------------:|:--------------:|:----------:|:-------:|:----:|:-----------:|:-----:|:------:|:-------:|:----------:| | SP1-2 | Kaze DE Blu-Ray | 1440x1080 | 4:3 | 4:3 | Progressive | 23.976 | H.264 | JySzE |[MI Link](https://pastebin.com/keSBUJUP) **Notes:** 1. The video comes from the recently released [German Blu-Ray](https://nyaa.si/view/1373246) DBZ TV Special collection, which is the first release of the Toei Remasters for the specials on Blu-Ray. Until this point the specials were only available from TV rips or WEB-DLs. Fortunately the BDs were encoded very competently and required minimal visual adjustments. 2. The video has been re-timed to match the R2J Dragon Box by **JySzE**. As such, any dubs synced to the Dragon Box will be able to be synced to this release. 3. The German BDs are missing eyecatches as well as a neighboring shot in the Bardock Special - these were reconstructed for this release from the GYAO WEB-DL. 4. No filtering aside from dithering dark areas has been performed. Colors are as they are on the original Blu-Ray. #### [Screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/NklBBYG) ### Audio | Episodes | Lang | Source | Source Media | Channels | Format | Provided by | Sync by |:------------:|:----:|:----------------------------------------------:|:------------------:|:---------------:|:------:|:---------------:|:----------------:| | SP1-2 | JPN | 1990-93 Original Broadcast Audio (Fuji, Ishikawa) | VHS/Beta TV Rips | Mono | FLAC | AnimeMaakuo / HKB / Kei17 | Team Mirolo | SP1-2 | ENG | 2008 FUNi "Remastered" Dub (Kikuchi Score) | Double Feature BD | 5.1 Surround | FLAC | SoM TC | iKaos | SP1-2 | ENG | 2008 FUNi "Remastered" Dub (Replacement Score) | Double Feature BD | 2.0 Stereo | AC3 | SoM TC | iKaos | SP1-2 | ENG | 2000 Original FUNi Dub | Singles DVDs | 2.0 Stereo | AC3 | Nyaa | iKaos | SP1-2 | ENG | 2002 Edited FUNi Dub | Nicktoons TV Rip | 2.0 Stereo | AC3 | Lucas / JySzE | iKaos | SP1-2 | JPN | 2003 Dragon Box | DVD Box | 2.0 Stereo | AC3 | Nyaa | -- | SP1-2 | ENG | 2001 AB Groupe "Big Green" Dub | NE DVDs | 2.0 Stereo | AC3 | SoM TC | iKaos **Notes:** 1. All audio tracks are the same sources and syncs as the ones in our Z batch release. The first three tracks in SP1 were slightly re-timed by **ergiman**. 2. The Blu-Ray Double Features were used as the audio source for all remastered tracks. I changed the OP on the Trunks English/Kikuchi track to the Japanese OP instead of the Menza OP typically used on remastered releases. This change is already present in the Bardock special. 3. The Japanese audio from the R2J Dragon Box is presented as-is with no re-timings. All other tracks are video-synced. 4. The TV edited tracks are unique in that they contain excerpts from Faulconer Productions scores to replace some of the licensed music. ### Subtitles | Episodes | Style | Format | Timings | Styler |:------------:|:-------------------------------------------------------:|:------:|:----------:|:-----------:| | SP1-2 | Stylized OP/ED, OP Credits, Titles, Signs, and Dialogue | ASS | sangofe | corre / iKaos | SP1-2 | Basic Subtitles | ASS | sangofe | iKaos | SP1-2 | Stylized OP/ED, OP Credits, Titles, Signs, Inserts, and NEPs | ASS | corre | corre / iKaos | SP1-2 | English Dubtitles | ASS | FUNi | iKaos *OP and ED styling assistance from AnimeAjay. OP credits timed and stylized by iKaos based on styles originally done by dubudavid. Names and romanization contributions from AnimeAjay, dubudavid, Romao, Herms, and SaiyaJedi. OCR originally done by Romao.* **Notes:** 1. The dialogue for all subs are based on Steve Simmons's official FUNi translation, however extensive changes were made to OP and ED song translations and name romanizations and translations in an effort to preserve accuracy and puns/double meanings. Some slight adjustments have been made to the subs since the batch release. 2. **corre** has done extensive work on stylizing the OP, ED, episode titles and signs to look similar to the Japanese text. See [here](https://imgur.com/a/irVtWEG) 3. If stylized subs aren't your thing, I have included more basic subs for those who want them. These have the same name and romanization changes as the stylized subs. 4. All dialogue was re-timed for accuracy by **sangofe**. 4. **For best stylized sub viewing, please use the VSFilter renderer on MPC-HC, or MPV.** Link for [MPV on PC](https://mega.nz/file/mZ0XFQjL#A8nCYQPeL9kLUHPgRufcs6dl9JGDmKuFEqhTUf2_oHM) / Link for [MPV on Mac](https://mega.nz/file/iZ0iWL7T#r9rna07v7Qljrumn8cWgTlYt1ix9pXqRxM3CG2ov9zk) / Link for [MPC-HC](https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases) / Link for [VSFilter](https://www.videohelp.com/software/VSFilter-DirectVobSub). 5. English dubtitles were OCRed and synced by me from the original singles, and therefore match the Original FUNi Dub track the most. ### Thanks Thanks to **_Maki, JySzE, ergiman, corre, and sangofe** for actively participating in this release, as well as everyone who was originally involved with the Z Batch release.

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fuuuuuuuuking finally some licensee put out proper remasters of this! Now I can enjoy my big green the way god, jesus, and the bear at regency center shopping mall intended!
Thanks restoring the Bardock special, guys !
About time the specials got a good release somewhere in the world. Thank you all for this excellent release!
Was the AB Groupe dub uncut or had any visual edits from its source DVD?
@ Damned AB Groupe (now known as Mediawan) did censor Dragon Ball media back in the way, but the way they did it was by strictly removing frames/scenes altogether than visually replace (like FUNimation and Saban did). So, the English AB Groupe dubs of TV Z1 and Z2 are uncut, end of. Moreover, I actually enjoy the English dub of AB Groupe's Z2 special a lot, Android #17 sounds a lot more sadistic than on the other English dubs. Fits his character just perfectly.
@impakt, if they removed frames and scenes how can it be uncut?
Thanks, tvsp2 lack the final card
Another one added to my seed list. Great to see more SoM work.
I apologize if this is something you get asked a lot, iKaos. If (or should I say, when) you get around to doing GT, will the Blue Water Dub be included, since the Ocean Saban Dub is included in Z and the BLT and Harmony Gold Dubs are included in DB? I'm just really curious to know, that's all.
Thanks for this, but since this is an encode doesn’t the BDMV version look better since that is untouched?

iKaos (uploader)

@dbfan120 the title card is not present in any version of the Toei Remasters. @Harvey_Plissken The better comparison for how much Blue Water will be in our GT is how much Blue Water there is in our DB... @BillyD The encode is pretty transparent, plus it fixes issues present in the raw BD while also being R2J synced, which allows for other dubs (and my pre-existing audio) to be synced to it.
Thanks sooo much for these releases!!!
What does it fix exactly? Is it the dithering you mention in the description? What does that do exactly and what else was fixed?
@BillyD Read the description, It answers all your questions.
Ah ok. So I guess the dithering is meant to get rid of macroblocks, it looks better in those dark areas indeed.
Just wow! Will there be more of this source?

iKaos (uploader)

@ab8895 These are the only things that Toei has remastered in this fashion, although the movies received similar treatment.
@iKaos theres already a version of gt bluewater synced to dbox minus op & ed, its in; 128 wmv but its finished @ PeePeePooPoo69 that bear may be right about the big green but i prefer to take advice from the ghost of virginia center commons, more life experience
@iKaos Will you release those movies at some point in the future?
Oh hell yeah brother thank you thank you
@iKaos Your recent works have been perfect . ( Z episodes and these Specials ) Thank you so much . We 're very lucky to have you in the fandom .
@iKaos Will Blu Rays be able to support the settings used in these videos? I had to ask, because I've got somebody on YouTube telling me that they won't work without losing quality. Is this true? I would like to make sure it's good enough to burn onto blank discs.
Thanks a lot for this release! Much appreciate all the hard work you guy's have done!
on anidex, i've seen SOM Dragon Ball Z merge ai upscale, as the merge got some v2 episodes, is there a folder for AI v2 too? thx

iKaos (uploader)

@ab8895 yes, been on our to-do list for awhile. @Harvey_Plissken I don't see the point in burning these to blank discs since it's 2021 and it's far easier to just play with a media player. I'm pretty sure the subs won't work at all without being converted to PGS. As far as quality goes, since these are based on a BD then you technically won't lose very much quality, but you still have to re-encode it in order to get it to work for BD playback. I know for the Z batch some people asked about putting those eps on DVD, and it's basically impossible to do AND keep the merge benefits unless you want to burn the show to 291 discs. Really all of our work is meant to take advantage of the MKV format instead of the limitations that physical media provide. @dbfan120 The only v2 I know of for the SoM-AI upscale is for episode 3: ``aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvTkw0d3lLekMjdHVGUjNYcUZETTRMLWh4ck8waUkzZEFZano1YTJVNHF0cW9jRVNWT0NOUQ==`` Any audio fixes done for my release that are in the fix folder will also work with the SoM-AI release.
@ikaos Cant you just format a BD as a USB storage device then burn them onto the disc?


didn't even have the tvsp2 fuji audio , so bad, more than it's availlable somewhere...
Please upload plan to eradicate the Saiyans dvd
Why was I banned from the SoM Q&A discord? (same username) All I did was respond to a "Steam Trade Offer" scammer by showing part of their link in quotation marks, with ADDED SPACES that very clearly show how absurd the link is. Yes, I didn't add any other comment on it, but I think "stermc" speaks for itself. Not to mention, the very next message after me explicitly pointed out the scam. In hindsight, I should've probably pointed it out more directly and in all the question channels instead of just upscale-questions (which is where I first saw the scam), but there were plenty of others who initially responded to the scam by talking about it in general, which isn't accessible to new members (this was also before the scam got called out in the question channels), so this isn't really much justification for a ban.

iKaos (uploader)

@devek1 I revoked your ban, not sure why it happened. Next time just message a mod lol.
Posted this on another thread but i'll post here hoping a lot of people will read it does anyone have the funimation dragonball kai dvd iso's would love to add to the collection.


which place is the recommended version to get the movies?Pendekar releases?
@pg1 Eventually, iKaos & SoM will release a complete batch of all the Movies with all the detail and fixes it needs with all the audio choices that most people want, but It will happen after their upcoming GT project, eventually. So join the SoM Q&A Discord got updates on that & in general with anything with SoM releases.
Not sure if it's just MPC on my end, but on the Bardock special, all the subs are italicized even during regular dialogue but the Trunks special subs, the dialogue is not italicized. If that's on my end, then never mind, but if it's not, I just wanted to point it out.
if someone here is disappointed by colors and wants to do white balance on them, you can find here a tutorial made by Enigmo using Vegas 18 Enjoy it https://www49.zippyshare.com/v/kwMqGZoY/file.html
please can anyone share the raws of dbz and dbgt? I have seen now that they put it in 2020 but they put them as English audio and I did not see them. They now have 0 sources