Genmu Senki Leda / Fantastic Adventure Of Yohko: Leda / 幻夢戦記レダ [OnDeed] 1080p BDrip (HEVC)

2019-08-31 14:32 UTC
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8.9 GiB
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Ripped by OnDeed. [anidb page]( A truly fantastic and lovely film has got a bluray release. As the unofficially designated Royal Bikini Armor Research Society ([see](, [see]( and [see](, we simply had to. Behold the limitless power of highschool girls when reduced to writing piano compositions. Experience what a big deal having or not having a Walkman is. Video + Audio: Region A BD (1440x1080 10-bit HEVC, lossless wavpack audio (stereo) Japanese audio only. Subtitles: English, switchable styled subs from [Anime-FanRips] release, script virtually didn't need fixing. Note: if the encode gives you trouble playing back/seeking in VLC or MPV, update the player to latest version. If you can’t play back 10-bit HEVC@1080p due to insufficient CPU performance, you will be able to get a lower-demand alternative soon. Version of this encode in 720p resolution is going to be uploaded later with the tag [If you don’t download this I will cry]. Sample Screens: [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( P.S.: In case you find some error in the subtitles (be it typo, grammar, timing) or the video (mouthcombs, corruption, glitches, etc…), please report it to us via the IRC channel. We can then address it in a eventual fixed version 2, if that happens.

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  • Genmu Senki Leda [BD 1080p] [OnDeed] [DC8A6C17].mkv (8.9 GiB)


Any reason for HEVC?

OnDeed (uploader)

It should be slightly better than H.264, though I'm not sure if that is true for every bluray/source yet. There is a small bonus that the format works in standalone TVs/boxes, which 10bit H.264 does not.
The show wasn't THAT good... but man does it LOOK good. Watched it for that alone and did not disapoint.
Don't cry we will download this!
Many thanks ^^
I'm pretty much downloading all of Leda BD's. So this will be no different :) Great work!!
I actually really enjoyed this one, so it will be awesome to have a BD version of it.
Wow, never knew that this already got a BD release. Neat!
Good old ovas :)