[Tactical] Kizumonogatari - 03 (1080p)

2017-07-12 15:19 UTC
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Actual subs™, none of this memey light novel copy-paste nonsense. This is a speedsub (also sub file only, along with the required fonts), but one done with love and hopefully some measure of quality. * Entirely original dialogue TL by the man they call Tactics * Typesetting, Timing and QC by the elegant Graze * jymmy (me, uploading to my account for reasons I'm not too clear on) did some "timing" and half-arsed QC which introduced at least as many errors as it solved, retimed the ED which I did for the last Kizu movie and some distro-related stuff, I guess? Graze made the patches, though Enjoy these subs because we made a genuine effort for them. Tactics did the entire ~1000 lines in one sitting. Graze and jymmy (mostly Graze) dropped in and out to contribute timing and QC. **How to experience this project:** Acquire one of the following 1080p raws: * [First Kizu 3 raw available, 8bit, AAC only](https://nyaa.si/view/937742) (henceforth referred to as Old RAW) * [New and probably better one, 10bit, DTS / FLAC / AAC and the commentary](https://nyaa.si/view/938017) (henceforth referred to as New RAW) * Choose one of the following: 1) Install all the fonts, keep or delete them as you wish, then put the raw in your new Kizu 3 folder. Rename either the raw or the sub file so they have the same name (any decent subtitle renderer will load it when you open the video if they have the same name) 2) Download the patch below which matches your raw and use your mad xdelta skills to create an Official [Tactical] Subtitled Japanimation Motion Picture MKV file. * [Old RAW](https://mega.nz/#!c8MUmRDR!E3iHKfyp6ja8s5Vip2e-UEmPTZilEqQT_gkdw19C27Q) * [New RAW](https://mega.nz/#!MlUwEA4Y!M0cYMqZ24rB1gULuDE9u4fkhAcI3vPHFH_sgEfTZUDI) Alternatively, you can probably mux it to whatever raw comes out later or encode your own version from the Blu-ray you bought, just like each member of this group did. You can find our release of Kizu 2: Electric Boogaloo under the [Tactical] tag if you need to catch up. You'll notice it's not under this account, because Tactics uploaded it. Again, I'm not sure why this was done differently for this release, but whatever. ----- "You weebs don't deserve this." — Tactics "I wish I were at home working on PriPara." — jymmy "Hope you enjoy!" — Graze

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  • [Tactical] Kizumonogatari - 03 (1080p)
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Finally, trusted subs! Thanks. :D
Should I wait for Edo....? But I can't even wait a day longer! Other sub will be for re-watches....
"Should I wait for Edo…?" wtf why would you want to do that
@00sas Yeah, you don't have to wait. Mine will always be available later.
I just watched about 5 minutes of this on lunch break. No complaints, but plenty of excitement and appreciation! Thank you. Full viewing later this evening....
Very good for speedsubs.
thank you. now I don't need to wait for commie :D
Thank you! Really great subs tbh, you have my gratitude!
Good subs. Good job. Thank you!
anyone know a video source for the 2nd movie that'll work with Tactical subs? Their vid appears to be different than the standard raws out and doesn't have 5.1 audio :/ I tried muxing it with a raw anyway and the subs was out of sync as expected.
Any chances on a complete batch with all 3 movies in 1080p? :)
@Faio I'm in the same boat. It really sucks they didn't do a 1080 release for II so I'm also trying to find a RAW to use with their subs. If you find one make sure to post it here
got it…you can just mux an external raw with a delay of 1000ms on the subtitles. Don't forget to extract and include the fonts also. Just be careful if you remux or transcode after as the delay isn't going to be permanent outside of that one mux.
Tactics sounds like a bro (unlike those Commemers).
@Shinbo & those whom it may concern who want a 1080p if your interested I have taken nyaa.si/view/924954 with tracks 1 & 2 of nyaa.si/view/924770, I also corrected the timings and the styles/sub placements to work with that version.
let me know and i will upload a copy, black bars are not cropped in this version (its a personal preference as I like my subs there) so just something to bare in mind. Tactical, thanks for the subs! can't wait to now start watching Kizu pt 2 and 3 :)
@oshino_L Yes please!
this was translated beautifully, thanks a lot! you have no idea how much I appreciate fan subs like yours
To Those who wanted the 1080p version of Kizumono Pt 2 with Tactical subs please see https://nyaa.si/view/938522
@lerusso how nyaa.si settings the avatars?
ayee lmao great quotes “You weebs don’t deserve this.” — Tactics “I wish I were at home working on PriPara.” — jymmy “Hope you enjoy!” — Graze
How do you keep the font style Tactical uses? I'm new to this muxing thing and tried googling it, but I wasn't really sure what to search. I used mkvmerge, if that helps. Thanks!
you just extract the fonts and then add them as attachments in mmg.exe
@Faio I did it! Thanks, man.
Subtitles don't seem to show up for me? I'm using VLC on macOS. I can install the font and renaming the sub track or adding it manually adds a subtitle track but it doesn't seem to show anything.