[Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E20 [Dual Audio] (720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] - Delicious in Dungeon (VOSTFR) (Weekly)

2024-05-16 14:53 UTC
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  • [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E20 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [E5497292].mkv (148.8 MiB)
Exceptional quality for size, nice job especially with forced (sign) subs. However for me unfortunately a stop gap due to one thing ... the english audio is on track 2 not 1. This causes a big pain when viewing more than one file. If it was eng audio on track 1 ... it would be perfect & best :)
"The jpn audio is now the first track?" "Always has been" More info: https://nyaa.si/view/1764436 Most media player software lets you default-select your preferred track based on the language.