[Spoony] Suzume [2022] (BD 1080p x265 10-bit AAC Opus) [Dual-Audio] (Suzume no Tojimari | Suzume's Door-Locking)

2023-11-17 19:20 UTC
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![screenshot](https://i.imgur.com/nj7Led2.png) Dual-audio remux with [Lazy][1]'s SDR tonemapped 1080p encode from the 4K JPBD, Lazy's subs, and CR's English audio adjusted to match video framerate along with an accompanying Signs & Songs track. [1]:https://nyaa.si/view/1729839

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  • [Spoony] Suzume [2022] (BD 1080p x265 10-bit AAC Opus) [0143F9AE].mkv (7.2 GiB)
Did you correct for the frame thing yourself or did you use the audio track from my upload? If you did it yourself, could you tell me how you did it?
@ neoborn I used Audacity -> Effect -> Change Speed. Likely better ways of handling it, but this is just a stop-gap for those impatient wanting to watch now. USBD audio will replace it eventually. I heard rumblings that there is another release in the pipeline by others that'll have some actual work put into things.
That requires a reencode, right? Do you know of a way to handle this without a reencode? Something with the audio track. Not adjusting the video fps I mean. I'm curious for fufure situations where the fps differ between sources.
It have to be reencoded to stretch the audio.
ah too bad, alright :/
neoborn, it's technically possible to change audio speed without reencoding but it can cause playback glitches, so not recommended! Easy to losslessly change video speed, but with a dual audio release something has to give.