[Yun][紫川·隐藏互动剧] Zi Chuan·Hidden Series S01 (2021) [1080p]

2023-07-31 21:22 UTC
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## **Zi Chuan·Hidden Series** Subbed by ***Yun*** **Fixed some typos and what not, just can't be bothered to thoroughly QA it** **Fixed episode 9 subs: https://files.catbox.moe/i0lvul.ass** - ignore the one in the comment, can't edit it Relation to the main series: - E00-1 & E00-2 after E02 - E00-3 & E00-4 after E05 - E00-5 after E10 - E00-6 after E12 - E00-7 after E21 - E00-8 after E32 - E00-9 after E41 Video Source: Tencent WEB-DL AVC Subtitles: English ASS #### **Setting** *Thousands of years after the nuclear fallout, civilization restarted and returned to the age of cold weapons (swords, spears, horses etc.) The Xi Chuan continent is based on the North American continent. For example, Liufeng and Lin are located on the west coast. Zichuan is located right of Liufeng and Lin and left of the Rocky mountains, and Yuan Dong is located right of the rocky mountains, which seperates Zichuan from the Demon Kingdom. On the east coast lies the Eastern Wilderness, which is unhabitable for humans, since it was the most affected by the nuclear fallout, but home to many mutated creatures.* *Zichuan is a military government, with the Zichuan family at the head. Being a military government means that every official has a military rank.* **Chief**: Similar to a supreme leader or commander-in-chief of a country. Must have the bloodline of the Zichuan family. **Council of Elders**: Similar to a parliament. Consists of representatives of nobles from each region/province. **Command Headquarters**: Standing committee consisting of the Chief Commander, Chief of Staff, and 5 Commanders. Answers to the Chief, who has the final say. **Supervisory Office**: Independent organ, and is responsible for supervision and justice. Has it's own military police. **Chief Commander**: Similar to a Secretary of Army, in charge of all administrative matters revolving the military. Hosts the Command Headquarters, 'should' be equal in power of other Commanders. **Chief of Staff**: In charge of all the other departments, like public security, finance, logistics etc. **Commander**: Commanders of the respective Far East, Central, Border, Black Banner Army and Imperial Guards. They are appointed by the Chief and Council of Elders. **Deputy Commander**: In charge of administrative matters revolving the respective army and region. Appointed by the Command Headquarters. **Red Banner Commander**: Can combine and command several divisions to form a corps. Appointed by the Command Headquarters. **Banner Commander**: Commands a division ~30k troops. Appointed by the Command Headquarters. **Deputy Banner Commander**: Commands regiments ~3k troops of a division. Knight Banneret, etc. Ranks can also be distinguished with their formal attire. **1 big gold star** = Chief Commander, Chief of Staff, Commander **3 small gold stars** = Deputy Commander **2 small gold stars** = Red Banner Commander **1 small gold star & 1 small silver star** = Banner Commander **3 stripes** (just a patch, no epaulette/fancy shoulder piece) = Deputy Banner Commander ![alt text](https://puui.qpic.cn/vcover_vt_pic/0/mzc00200e3unmkf1644824028246/0 "Zichuan")

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  • Zi Chuan·Hidden Series
    • Zi Chuan E00-1 - Zichuan Xiu's Battle to Fame (First Part).mkv (309.0 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-2 - Zichuan Xiu's Battle to Fame (Last Part).mkv (470.8 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-3 - Blood Asura (First Part).mkv (463.7 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-4 - Blood Asura (Last Part).mkv (486.2 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-5 - New Order in the Far East.mkv (406.4 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-6 - Shuang the Female General.mkv (408.1 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-7 - That Year's First Meeting.mkv (400.7 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-8 - Brotherhood.mkv (281.5 MiB)
    • Zi Chuan E00-9 - Bird in the Cage.mkv (390.2 MiB)

yunyunzongzhu (uploader)

Fixed subs for episode 9: https://files.catbox.moe/g6coez.ass
I got this series from myanime.live but gave up on it because the subs where garbage.

yunyunzongzhu (uploader)

Ur still gonna be stuck with that for the main series, it is what it is.
Thank You for all your time and effort
Seed please please please...