[Anonymous] Isekai Ojisan - 07 [1080p] [E7D7F943].mkv

2022-09-02 01:37 UTC
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Subs from /a/, made with manga. Shifted and muxed with [GST raws](https://nyaa.si/view/1573006). Added chapters and fonts.

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  • [Anonymous] Isekai Ojisan - 07 [1080p] [E7D7F943].mkv (1000.4 MiB)
pretty shit subs, what the fuck is this? ![](https://i.imgur.com/FZtKWXx.png)
@Animorphs I didn't know [gg] was back in the game
holy fuck, that's some next level shit
It's from 4chan. What did you expect?


It broke new ground.
is this VN game ?
based ignore the redditards
Absolutely glorious
hopefully some1 could grab those and fix them...
"fixed" subs, just divided the chunk of text so it's easier to the eyes https://drive.google.com/file/d/17obiPuiOvz-mts6YEQzotArRJTps6hp_/view?usp=sharing
>fixed the joke is that he's speaking a wall-of-text non-stop, retard
despise what people said, it is fine , thanks for sharing. what happened this week... a small power and he is losing it already ... so realistic .
Only way this show can be tolerated. Thanks.
What in ALLAH'S NAME is taking so long in releasing this show?
> the joke is that he’s speaking a wall-of-text non-stop, retard He’s literally not though, did you even watch it? He’s speaking at a normal speed with complete sentences, pauses, and a very average cps. Sure, in the manga it’s condensed into a couple big chunks of text, but it’s entirely unnecessary here and looks like shit. It’s not even done well if it’s going for memesubs, there are plenty of better options that just blocking the whole screen


> What in ALLAH’S NAME is taking so long in releasing this show? Everyone at the Animation studio is dying of the Coronas. I'll bet Jinping is regretting it now.
I don't understand why everyone is complaining about the subs, even if they're not really well done like we usually see, you're the only one who posted a subbed version so thank you, and thanks a lot Philo for the better version, it's still not what we usually get but the difference is barely noticeble
Once they removed all the corpses from the Animation Studio, I hope they will be back. Netflix seems to "rebroadcast" old episodes until end of september, new stuff then in october.
1GB in size. Subs straight out of New York sewers. Wow, much bad.
Thanks! Now we'll have to wait God knows how long for eps 8, as it's been delayed "indefinitely" due to COVID issues. People complaining about the subs of pirated anime are hilarious. This one scene posted is the only "issue" I noticed other than the overall file size.
If you actually watch the episode that part with a large chunk of text is a static scene that lasts 20-30 seconds, yes 20-30 seconds with no cuts, transition or characters moving, just mouth-flaps, if anything the walltext appearing adds to the humor since it's similarly "lazy".
@LunaticKingdom Yup, wouldn't have liked it any other way. great subs
So it's delayed *again*? I get the feeling this studio is a bit too touchy regarding the "covid" stuff. Sucks as I'm looking forward to this probably more than any other show this year so far.
The raw they used is the same size, how is that even a complaint I swear
>Production company is behind on schedule. >a cleaning employee gets covid >use as an excuse to absolve company of responsibility for failing to deliver product by due date. >repeat
I can't believe episode 8 is not out on netflix yet... not even here... meaning is not even made yet???? like what? did it got cancelled?


What the fuck happened to this show
I've heard rumors it will continue next month but who knows... allegedly they got report of covid on their office and they had to stop working, from there and not work from home I have no idea.... that's what I've heard there is probably more to it then just that. Hopefully next month continues.