[BlueSilverSect] Douluo Dalu - Soul Land | 207v1 | (1080p) | Better Subs | [x264] | Uploaded by @tlh1138

2022-05-13 23:47 UTC
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# __Douluo Dalu - Episode 207v1 (Better Subs)__ # __Episode by @tlh1138, show him some love! <33__ # __Currently working on all the V2 of the episodes! ^^__ ___ ### __Subtitles__ #### __My release of __this__ Episode includes 1 __English__ subtitle:__ __1 Subtitles that appear on top of the Chinese Subs:__ - Sansation --> Font used in "Tunshi Xingkong" ___ ## __Qualification__ __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A RED ENTRY__ - Reupload of original release using non-original file names. - Reupload of original release with missing and/or unrelated additional files. __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A GREEN ENTRY__ - Torrents uploaded by trusted users. - Though it’s not green, I am fortunately NOT a troller or shitposter! ___ # __I was working on an intake game made with C++ for Breda University of Applied Science + I had college graduation exams so I had to prioritize those over everything.__ # __Thankfully this legend of man @tlh1138 did all those episodes throughout the weeks so please, give him some love and appreciation.__ # __Proper releases w/encodes and thus the V2 releases will be out sooner or later, definitely within the 2 weeks! ^^__

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  • [BlueSilverSect] Douluo Dalu - 207v1 (1080p) [x264].mkv (353.9 MiB)
Congrats/Good Luck on Breda... Many Thanks @tlh1138 you really did a barnstorming session, Very appreciated. Without being too greedy, if you get a chance Vippak before the V2's w/encodes of eps 193 + 194 to the usual size would be most greatly appreciated :) Well done, amazing catch up & Many Thanks :)

VipapkStudios (uploader)

__@Dryvern__, Cheers! Yeah, I was planning on doing those too! ^^
Oh Happy Joy :) ... Excellent. Look forwards to your subs & fonts too. Welcome Back...hope you got a breather :)