B.T.T.H. Three Year Agreement Episode 12

2022-01-09 23:08 UTC
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As it has been over 12 hrs since this version dropped & MTX (who I use for a refined version over my web rip impatience) has not uploaded... I put this up for a week... no more. Just for those who dribble in anticipation as much as I. Enjoy & hopefully MTX will up soon. Excuse no pic or synopsis (think fans know by now - S4 special/S5 lol) Details for Web Rip of anime Time: (excuse the last irreverent frame... tried to cut off asap) - as ever bitrate 2800 (don't like to stress systems for 1GB sizes on 20 min encodes) audio 128 kbps, codec H264. No dead trackers & simple filename to avoid unnecessary editing.

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  • B.T.T.H. Three Year Agreement Episode 12 .mkv (411.1 MiB)
Yes, it is a pity MtX appears to be MIA (Missing In Action - I loathe abbreviations that can be used for more than one reference). I agree that 1GB per episode is painful when you get used to such good smaller encodes but there appears to be no alternative for Ep11. Thank you for this!!

Dryvern (uploader)

Thank You Father_Snrub glad this of use/apreciated :) I too am still hoping for him to upload (love the full screen etc) hope MIX will not be MIA (My Interim Addiction lol) too long.... will keep this uploaded till better :)

Dryvern (uploader)

NB - So You Know: MxT has uploaded here: https://nyaa.si/view/1476287 (Cheers & sorry for cocking up your name,MxT, was a late night for me) So apologies as I will be phasing this seed out from my personal seeds (if downloading at moment will make sure complete + other seeds too :) I can always re up but frankly no need as MxT 's one is much better :)