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### Join our [Discord Server](https://discord.gg/qAbcZgjp53) for discussion and up-to-date developments! --- Maybe we should not anticipate having an easier time with future episodes. ![Komi01preview](https://i.imgur.com/ncIBHeD.png) --- ### STAFF Fansubs by NovaWorks Team B RAW Source: Netflix Translation: NeSubs Translation Check: Setsugen no ao Timing: LafferStyle Editing: 9volt Typesetting: Seigyoku, Zahuczky, Maka, NeSubs, PhosCity Styling: 9volt (OP), Flower (ED) Encoding: kageru Quality Control: bucket3432, ayanami9870 --- ### Notes #### Translation Notes * At 5:30, Najimi references the TV Tokyo documentary series 緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 (Emergency SOS! Operation: Lake Drain) * At 5:42, Najimi references what we *think* is "Jesus!", a series serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday in the 1990s. #### Remarks We've received a lot of... attention over the past week. Some of it good, some bad. Our subs made the rounds on Twitter and many people were talking about them. Frankly, we're not quite sure how to feel, but we do appreciate the support in a way. Many of you commented on our omission of honorifics and use of western name order. This was deliberately chosen to better align with Viz's official English translation of the manga, and to keep the series accessible for all audiences, considering many sites will use our releases as their video source, and more people will flock to watch there since the series is behind a paywall. While we will not be changing this practice for our TV releases, we have decided to include an additional, more traditional subtitle track: including honorifics, eastern name order, and modifications to the typesetting to reflect these changes, for our eventual BD release of the series. For those who would rather wait for this release, we hope to see you then. For everyone else, we hope you continue to enjoy our TV releases. Lastly, we'd also like to stress this: **please support the official releases if you can.** Buy the manga if it's sold in your territory, or import it if you're able to. Buy the merch or the BDs when they release. You could play the episodes on Netflix and go do something else if you really don't want to watch them there. Watching our releases and supporting the series are not mutually exclusive concepts. It feels kinda redundant saying that on this website, but it really is important, so please do it if you can. We have extra help for typesetting this time around for Episode 3, which has 200+ signs, so see you whenever we're done with that (should still be ahead of Netflix!) --- *NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.*

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This is a good Christian torrent site. Jesus! is the only manga we need.
Thanks NovaWorks!
Finally, it has released. Thanks again, Novaworks!
Thanks for saving komi-san from shitflix jail
Y'all are doing God's work. Keep it up!
yo, im waitin for u, someone who makes edited subtitle in first episode's comment section. thanks Nova.
Thanks! Much better than netflix. Will also wait for the BD release with more traditional subs! Looking forward to it!
what if i like eastern name order but dislike honorifics
As something of a fellow localization enthusiast myself, I was deeply disappointed to see the line *Nanda, kono pureshaa wa* translated as *What is this ominous feeling?*, for its humor lies not in the literal meaning [What's this pressure?] but as a reference to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam in which one Newtype pilot senses another's hostile psychic energy. Since UC Gundam is culturally iconic in Japan but relatively unknown in the west, I would have replaced it with a Star Wars quote - Gundam was inspired by Star Wars, so this makes perfect sense - such as *I sense a disturbance in the force*, thereby enabling viewers to share in the joke. Otherwise great work and keep up the localizations fampai!
Thank you guys
>we have decided to include an additional, more traditional subtitle track: including honorifics, eastern name order, and modifications to the typesetting to reflect these changes Why...why cater to those people smh. Anime is perfectly fine without honorifics..
Why is this shit getting fansubs again?
Arigatou BASED Nova-san!
Nicely done, sir
> Why is this shit getting fansubs again? Please publish *your* manga or anime adaptation, I'll wait.
> Why is this shit getting fansubs again? Redditors love it
This anime is trash and doesn't deserve 1/10th of the amount of work these people are putting in. Mad respect tho. Also @Guncannon thanks for the reference, you should go on their discord and report it too.
Why is there a transvestite in this anime?
@kyoanus_licker netflix forced them to include it to appeal to amerifats.
@kyoanus_licker explode you fucking newfag
"please support the official releases if you can" No thanks, I don't support localization and god knows what else they changed.
@kyoanus_licker wtf; also they've been in the manga since the very beginning LMAO, imagine netflix influencing komi 5 years before they release their "netflix original" anime
Gotta love the 1/3rd of these comments that look like they're taken straight from /a/. Thanks for all the work, Nova!
Thanks! > Gotta love the 1/3rd of these comments that look like they’re taken straight from /a/. You mean taken straight from the cesspool that is MAL


Didn't know there were trannys in this anime. Will purge it off my Plex immediately thanks for the heads up. 👍
Thank-you so much! Absolutely amazing Subs again!
we do appreciate your work thanks and don't give fuck about bad NPCs
Just needs a little more attention to the timing of the T/S, some of them are a bit off, causing a "stuttering effect" in the subtitles and video (both episodes). I know this because I've run into this problem myself with some of my own work.
> RAW Source: Netflix > (should still be ahead of Netflix!) How come?
why the hell do people support localization. Localization is not the original author's intent. I want to see the jokes, and cultural references in Japan. Localization is akin to rewriting the story. People talk like localization is the majority of the fanbase. A little reality check here. The majority of the anime fan base hates localization. So I appreciate NOVA's commitment to go for more traditional subs for the blu-ray release. Though I think people miss the point in fansubbing. Fansubbing is to be as far away from the official English releases as possible and be as faithful to the original Japanese source as possible. If you want localization and crap in your subtitles just buy the English releases yourself. Oh wait you'd rather not pay for the official release and just pirate. At least I'm going to have a fansub copy and actual blu-ray copies when this comes out. Getting both fansub and blu-ray copy to preserve my ethics. By the way I buy imported blu-rays from Japan, so I'm not pirating. (thoiugh I'll have to buy Viz's manga. Not much I can do about that since Japan doesn't have it's own English manga version). Anyway, NOVA thanks for the hard work and consideration to us old school anime fans. I will get the TV release but I can't wait for your blu-ray releases.
I appreciate the inclusion of honorifics and eastern name order. +1 Haiyami. I agree with ya. Didn't know a confused and wanna be gender transformer character was in this anime. I was interested in watching it, now not sure. Does it frequently show up? Thanks for the heads up too.
@Haiyami For you ![](https://i.imgur.com/FA0bjiB.png)
@Lafferstyle I was responding to the sivanash and vikrant who said that no one should listen to those who don't want localization. I think Nova is doing a perfectly good job. The screen shot you had up is pretty cool too. I am again in no way dissing Nova and their efforts. It annoys me to hell that there are people who make statements that they'd prefer localization or joke about liking 4kids level. Nova makes a good effort in Catering to both needs. With the current note that Nova has made I no longer will say anything else but my long appreciative thanks. If there was a donation box I'd used Fry's words from futurerama. "Shut up and take my money". In this case it would be "Shut up and take my donation funds". Lol. By the way does anyone know how to post episodes files or torrents to nyaa.si? I've tried doing it before and can't get it to work.
@noZA_ This anime doesn't have a transgender. The character is closer to a crossdresser who acts like a man one moment and a woman another moment because it's most convenient for them just so they can play. The manga also jokes about this character as gender unknown. Usually if there is an actual transgender character in anime, they are very very clear. In case of this character, it's a gag. I don' know how extreme the original author is at making fun of things via intent, but if they are anything like Gintama's author, then I'd say the original author is writing with intent to poke fun at the nature of transgenders. But I highly doubt that. Western Culture has LGBTQXYZ community, Japan does too, but they also have a cross dressers as a separate category. There is also the groups known as cross dresser/cross gender trolls. The type who cross dress just to fuck around with people. It's a trope thing solely to Japanese pop `culture.
Seems a bit off to switch name order for the kind of audience who would be just as confused over characters calling each other by last names, only to then ask to use their first name instead, as if it's some kind of big deal when they should have just been doing that from the start like a normal person. Oh well, if it's only when full names are being used, it doesn't matter that much. What bothers me is when names are swapped out to not even match the audio at all, usually for dubs that try to solve exactly what I described above. Then further back themselves into a corner when things have to get even more informal than a first-name basis, resulting in awful nicknames invented by the localization staff. Anyway, thanks. Some of the comments make it sound like an unholy bastardization, but I'll gladly take these over Netflix (which I'm subscribed to, by the way). Really appreciate all the effort you've put into this.
Haiyami put your items (files and folders) in one place like a folder, look at top left corner of your torrent client (download one) for add button or something that says create new torrent. Then it's just next - next till you get a file that ends with ".torrent" in filename, remember to add nyaa tracker in one of the steps (look at the 1st important note here https://nyaa.si/upload). Hit the upload button on nyaasi and just follow on. Now the .torrent file should be also present in your torrent client in seeding mode for seeding activity to occur. These are general steps, use google or ask someone on discord maybe for assistance if yu get stuck.
>People talk like localization is the majority of the fanbase. A little reality check here. The majority of the anime fan base hates localization. @Haiyami Keep living in that bubble. Any competent translator worth their salt is gonna make sure that the show/work is accessible to the average person. Not everyone has the time or the will to research every little obscure line or reference. That's the job of an editor or a translator. If you think understanding an obscure cultural reference makes you feel special and tingly inside, you can always watch the unadulterated version with no subs :) >Fansubbing is to be as far away from the official English releases as possible and be as faithful to the original Japanese source as possible. Lol
NovaWorks is basically P.A. Works but in fansubbing, great references on manga and right on the spot as well. Sakyu~~~
How the hell does bastardizing the translation to match an entirely different source material (the english manga) make it more accessible to all audencies? WTF. If you've not read the english manga you won't even have heard the western name order. Literally just english manga fans fucking up the name order cause they are used to it. Guess I'll shelf this until the BD release, though honestly this translation malark has left such a bad taste in my mouth I might just skip the series. The translation is just way too liberal for me in general.
@tehshower you can always just go watch the Netflix sub if you want localization. Lol. ![subtitle one](https://i.ibb.co/DGTpVpT/image.png) ![subtitle two](https://i.ibb.co/CBtRrJB/image.png) ![subtitle three](https://i.ibb.co/5YyrxYH/image.png)
Thanks NeSubs for the translation, love it. Setsugen no ao thank you for the translation check. LafferStyle thank you for timing 9volt love the editing Seigyoku, Zahuczky, Maka, NeSubs, PhosCity your TS is fucking awesome 9volt (OP), Flower (ED), love the styling you've done kageru, thanks to you too bucket3432, ayanami9870, thanks for the QC and to @Guncannon, @Haiyami, @Yuki7k, @vikrant9760 (and every other complaining retard here) do it better if you can, stop complaining, get those sticks out of your asses and enjoy the show. lastly for every-other based thanks poster, thanks for saying thanks.
Yoo big thanks novaworks
@tehshower Competent translators is an assumption given US doesn't have any license thing for it and any schmuck could call himself one. And how is it not accessible anyway? Different name ordering and four simple honorifics should be enough for most situations, anything more difficult (whatever that is) is rarer or you'll pick it up eventually. In most cases even if you don't it shouldn't ruin much. Idk but that sounds like a pretty low accesibility barrier to me. If someone is too smooth brain for that, I'd rather they just leave. The less people who don't adapt the lesser chance the west will mess with anime production. God, if anything, anime is already too accessible.
@Haiyami >why the hell do people support localization Because honorifics aren't a part of the English language, so why should they be included? There are so many Japanese words being spoken that you do not know of but you are perfectly fine with them being replaced by English so why should honorifics be treated any differently? >Localization is not the original author’s intent. I want to see the jokes, and cultural references in Japan. Localization is akin to rewriting the story. If you want 100% accuracy then why not go and learn Japanese and watch it that way? Because no translation is 100% perfect. They are two completely different languages after all. >People talk like localization is the majority of the fanbase. A little reality check here. The majority of the anime fan base hates localization Then why do 90% competent fansub groups go for full translations? I have yet to see a competent translator defend honorifics. >Though I think people miss the point in fansubbing. Fansubbing is to be as far away from the official English releases as possible and be as faithful to the original Japanese source as possible. That is just wrong. In fact many fansub groups use official subs as base, example, Demon Slayer from Kaleido, Jujutsu Kaisen from Kaizoku and even Some-Stuff is using official TL as base for K-On! even though like 5 fansub groups already did that show. >If you want localization and crap in your subtitles just buy the English releases yourself. And what about other things like official releases having no typesetting, horrible timing, etc?
>Because honorifics aren’t a part of the English language, so why should they be included? I wonder why many official translations choose to keep them. That's some solid defense in favour of honorifics.
Fuck you and your localization sub stop waste our time with this and give us weebs version
@vikrant9760 >Because honorifics aren’t a part of the English language, so why should they be included? Because the most important aspect about localization is a character's intent in whatever they're saying. It's the same reason why 1:1 translations are considered bad. Whether or not they form part of English is irrelevant. Dropping honorifics means that some intent is lost. For example, "chan" is used as a term of endearment. If translators drop it then from the audience's perspective, they lose that aspect of endearment. "Sama" is used for someone you feel deserves the utmost respect. But if a local sub translates sama as "Mr" then that information is lost, because Mr is also used for "san".
@Golden_Sperm @vikrant9760 >“Sama” is used for someone you feel deserves the utmost respect. But if a local sub translates sama as “Mr” then that information is lost, because Mr is also used for “san” Even worse if translation ends up needing a distinction between -san, -kun, and no honorifics for some reason. You 'could' try to use Mr for -san, but no one says Mr irl. It would be weird as hell, so you're basically localizing it incorrectly anyways. Now -kun vs no honorifics? Good luck making a distinction in English.
about "boku" and "ore" or maybe "watachi" ? answer me hamburger-land language speakers
Great translation, keep it up! Thank you!
>Dropping honorifics means that some intent is lost. For example, “chan” is used as a term of endearment. If translators drop it then from the audience’s perspective, they lose that aspect of endearment. I'm convinced people just like honorifics because they don't get social cues and honorifics very explicitly say "THIS CHARACTER IS ADORED" or w/e
Thank you. I'm looking forward to the BD release.
Wow, dogshit localized garbage again. Keep it up
man you guys really attracted the spergs with this one, keep up the great work Nova!
I'd like to explain localization from my perspective: The common issue with localization (especially official ones; Funimation for example) is the gross oversimplification, or often complete disregard for the original story. They'll change the story rather than translating intent. On the flip side, adherence to strictly the Japanese language can be bad because references may be missed, or translation notes may be too intense if they're longer than a short sentence. I mainly just like localized subs that adhere as close to the original as possible, which can include honorifics, or it may not. Though, I don't understand the strict obsession with honorifics since you can literally hear them say what the honorific is. In this case (for E1 and E2), I think Novaworks did a fantastic job. They generalized some references to very specific Japanese culture things, but they also left in a ton where they wouldn't be lost in translation. Also, any translation notes so far have been only a few words, very small and quick to read. But on top of that, they're going out of their way to make another version just for the people that hate localization, so we should respsect them for providing both. Though above all, them giving a lot of attention to doing typesetting and all sorts of crazy things on a show that desperately benefits from this type of fansubbing needs to be respected, no matter your opinion on localization or honorifics.
good lord it looks like an /a/ thread in here, yall need to get over yourselves not quite sure why people insist on the hyper-literal small shit like including honorifics. Yall have ears. Read and listen at the same time, its not hard. ty novaworks for the hard work, sorry people suck
thanks for the release! @guncannon great catch, would make a great change for v2 or bd version. also, you guys really don't need to include honorifics. if people are so vehemently against localization, they can just get japanese closed captions.
I'm wondering what alternative people are turning to if they're so against "localization." Cause it sure isn't Netflix.
@mcbaws21 maybe, just maybe fuck off. @vikrant9760 >Because honorifics aren’t a part of the English language So you never use words like sushi, tsunami, Samurai, ramen etc and you only use pure English (inb4 these are English words - no they are not, they were included into your language because people thought it was retarded to force the translation on them which is only proving my and some other people's point on forced translation on utranslatable things)? All these words can be translated into English. Yes this is exactly the same thing. Except most honorifics have literally no equivalents (or something at least close) in English and most western languages. Same thing with other popular popcultural words like moe, tsundere etc. You argument is literally braindead and parochial. >Then why do 90% competent fansub groups go for full translations WTF is competent fansub group? That one which is compliant with your likings? Aka commie? Don't make me laugh. @DarkSwordsman >Though, I don’t understand the strict obsession with honorifics since you can literally hear them say what the honorific is. It's not really the case. The fact that you can hear it is even worse because lack of honorifics coupled with reversed name order and altered nicknames is causing high cognitive dissonance. Idiotic localization like this should be reserved for dubs, because dub audience is dumb by default.
@Aryma Boku: Maaan i want a cheesburger Watashi: I would like a cheesburger Ore: Dude i am fucking starving for a cheesburger Bigbrother: Sissy, i am fucking starving for a cheesburger Younger sister: Brother dearest, i am also quite famished and would like to partake in a cheesburger meal Sounds natural to me! And the meaning was kept intact! I call this a win for localization!
Thanks for your hard work!
@Microscop In what world is "sissy" a natural thing to say?
Netflix should have hired those armchair translators to translate the episode 3 of the second season of Takagi-san instead of hiring those *lazy* translators who prefered using honorifics! "Takagi-san" would become "Miss Takagi" and "Takagi-chan" would become "Takaggy", which is perfectly natural English, everyone talks like that IRL. **No, that's lazy too!** They need to change the protagonist names if they want to do a proper American translation: instead of Takagi it needs to be Magnolia, instead of Nishikata it needs to be Kanye, and instead of Satoshi it needs to be Ash.


@waytoofast not everyone are "American". I don't want to hear or read an americanized trash I don't care about what people argue about in the comments above but your comment gave me cancer
@Yay295 I felt like i made it obvious enough that i am joking and pointing out how unnatural it is. There really are some crazy people who think it sounds ok, subs with sissy, sister dearest, and making cahracters act unaturally rude to differentiate levels of politness/formality. @AMK He was ironic just like me @waytoofast Funny how people took us both seriously, we both made it pretty obvious that we are joking but well things we were joking about really happen and translatos think they are doing a good job lol. I remember Takagi san issue you are talking about. The thing about this whole issue is that if you want a translation without honotifics etc. and japanese social norms/culture elements you either have to remove meaning and simplify the translation or localize and rewrite some scenes which destroys the original and never really feels natural anyway. Translators with big egos talk big but best they can do is sissy and brother dearest or even dumber stuff. They basicly remove meaning, replace original writing with fanfiction, and make it sound unnatural in english and out of place in japanese context just becasue some part of the audience can't be bothered to learn 10 japanese words and basic cultural norms that require 5 minutes of research or can be learnt from context while watching thre show without effort.
I held off on commenting for so long but can we please stop stirring the pot on this honorific stuff? The comments of this release are not a good spot to have this argument.
@Microscop I find it somewhat amusing that EOP "translation purists" bitch and moan endlessly about honorifics but stay silent when the translator just completely ignores language quirks altogether. Have you read *Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer*? Did you know that Samidare, the princess, inexplicably speaks with a Kansai accent? No? That's because everybody, fan and official, decided to translate her lines into standard English. But you won't ever see anybody complain about this because they literally can't read the Japanese version and see for themselves. What they *would* complain about, however, is that the script was "localized" into burger speak.
Can't believe this argument is still happening. [Honorifics are not required in translations](https://ia.is.maiwaifu.jp/translating-honorifics).
LafferStyle, believe it. Some people are really dumb. To those little shits, I say "YOU CAN ALREADY READ THE FREAKING HONORIFIC! WHY DO YOU NEED TO READ IT AS WELL?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Also... "lack of honorifics coupled with reversed name order and altered nicknames is causing high cognitive dissonance.". Dude, you have serious problems if that's actually true. Seek help. Oh, and I know what you were trying to say, but you don't seem to know was "cognitive dissonance" means, which makes you look even more foolish. Spoiler: it relates to human behavior regarding one's actions not matching one's beliefs. Has nothing to do with not reading what you heard. If that were true, you'd has a stoke watching subtitles anime because the character said "baka" and you read "idiot".
There's another [interesting blog from the same site regarding translation](https://ia.is.maiwaifu.jp/dont-crunchyroll-your-own-translation/). might wanna read that too. :^)
I love the fact that the tweet is an embed instead of just screenshot, cause now instead of skiddiks it's KYLE TUCKER FAN ACCOUNT. Also finding out that skiddiks did ao-chan (or "Ao's Too Horny to Study" as he called it) makes so much sense. Based skiddiks. Anyway, not too sure what you wanted to point out with that blogpost. Blank's point was that CR tended to be very "correct" on a word for word basis, but that doing so tends to lead to awkward and robotic translations. Fansubbers should be wary when adapting subs from CR because their scripts might become similarly robotic and boring. Novaworks' Komi-san is an original translation. We're not adapting from Crunchyroll or Netflix, so we don't need to be careful of something we aren't doing. Interesting post but ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯.
my apologies, that was not my intention at all. I just found that post interesting and wanted to share it. that's all. Thank you for your OTL. I'm sure you all work hard for this show. > Novaworks’ Komi-san is an original translation. We’re not adapting from Crunchyroll or Netflix, so we don’t need to be careful of something we aren’t doing. Not sure why you feel that way tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. and I don't specifically mention 'NovaWorks' to read that blogpost? :pepega: what I mean by "might wanna read that too" is more like "read this one too" (for everyone) after reading that post you shared about "Honorifics are not required in translations." I guess I'm just gonna quote [zangafan's comment](https://nyaa.si/view/1443672#com-154) here > I’m not watching this show but thanks for being cool.
Huh, honorifics drama. Here are my two cents: "Honorifics are not required in translations", I disagree. Komi-san is a show made in Japan. They use honorifics to show how much they value respect. It's a key thing. If you walk into the classroom and shout "Hey, Komi" you'll be seen as disrespectful. Even if you're a teacher. I appreciate the work being done here, and will keep waiting for your releases, but it does feels weird anyway. Also, about the naming order, going with the western style bothers me more than honorifics to be honest, especially in this show. Names like Osana Najimi mean something in that order. Osananajimi means childhood friend, and Komi-san has a lot of jokes in the character names. Switching the order not only kills the jokes, it also feels weird when reading the subs and listening to the characters. With so much effort being put in each episode, I find weird that the group decided to go this route with honorifics and naming order. To end, words like senpai, kouhai, sensei, tsundere, yandere, etc, they all have their purposes, meanings and uses. That being said, I can live with these details and I'm sure the rest of you guys can do as well. Peace.
Just edit the subs to add in honorifics and change naming order if it's bothering you all so much.
@Guncannon That's another good point is language quirks. The problem though is there isn't really an equivalent to Kansai, Osaka, Kyoto and Okinawa accens. I've seen people use southern american accents or use valley girl/valley boy accents before but that's not quite correct. Especially with Kansai-ben. Kansai accents have many different levels ranging from understandable to being so bizarre that even Japanese people outside of the Kansai region need an interpreter. I do find it funny that modern official translators and "fansubbers" ignore language quirks. I remember in back in the day, with Rice-Box fansubs were around they used Hawaiian accent for Osaka-ben, and then used some mesh of near unintelligible hill billy accents of the Rockies mixed in with Texan and southern accents thus creating a new accent all together to try to fit a Japanese equivalent for Kansai-ben.
@Vendena No helping it. I'm just relieved Nova is going to do proper name order and honorifics for the blu-ray release. Though I do admit it's 1. Disappointing and 2. a waste of energy as they are making more work for themselves by waiting for the blu-rays instead of just making two subtitle tracks from the get go. Let's just be thankful a bit. Nova is at least attempting to revive the true fansubbing community. Now a days all we see is rips from official streaming sites that don't care about the japanese culture, etc. True fansubbing died over 10 years go around 2015. Nova is trying to revive it. Then we have MBTT who is also making somewhat of an effort too. As long as we can get proper fansub groups to start up again, we can see a shift to return to the old days. Though it's going to take a long time though to get revival of groups like Chihiro, Soldats, Rice-Box, etc. They have to compete with streaming that does near simulcast. Well compared to 20 years ago though we now have streaming sites that do translations for us. An experienced fansubber that properly knows Japanese culture and language, and all it's quirks and gags, will be able to do rough comparisons and do major overhauls to streaming site subs. (Not minor changes, Major changes). While doing fansubs COMPLETELY from scratch isn't necessary, it's still needed to be done, "close to scratch". I look at official streaming subs as akin to early alpha stages of game development. Fansubbers are the ones that then polish and completely redo the translation to brighten it up.
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2... Episode 3... Form of Address...
Some things never change throughout the ages on nyaa. Whenever there's a torrent with comments, it's either **Honorifics vs No Honorifics** or **BD/4K upscale shitting**. [@Haiyami](https://nyaa.si/user/Haiyami) - >Localization is not the original author’s intent........ I agree with your perspective especially if the plot is set in Japan or the dialogue takes place between Japanese characters. If the plot is set outside, I honestly don't care if they have honorifics or not. A good analogy will be to retain the use of **Monsieur** for plots set in France. The translators decide to keep it as it is for the very simple reason that it has got quite a bit of history in it and the meaning is not equivalent to Mister. But that being said, it doesn't really bother me when groups decide to drop it. Also I watch it raw anyway lol. I keep them when I translate something myself though. [@LafferStyle](https://nyaa.si/user/LafferStyle) - >@Haiyami For you Haha good one but a proper translator would have written a single line note. For Eg - `She speaks in a masculine manner` or something to that effect to just get the point across. What matters is not teaching a lesson on Japanese but just to get the point across in my opinion. But had a great laugh. Thanks for posting that :D
Sure wish comments dedicated solely to transphobia wouldn't be kept up for over a week, fantastic release though.
For someone who is an extremely old fansubber. I appreciate your work. Please do not conform to anyone's taste other then your own. Honestly this reminds me of Detroit Metal City's typesetting from an manga scantaltion group (forgot the name) and ITWs Noucome typesetting. If you've never seen crazy typesetting look at Noucome. Edit: by the way people complaining that your subbing a license show has not been around since the days of simulcasting. Personally I still believe old and new shows show get the sub treatment, even if they do not bring in money. But I am an old fag. So honestly its whatever.
@Hayami >>Fansubbing is to be as far away from the official English releases as possible and be as faithful to the original Japanese source as possible. The sole ideal of fansubbing was to make anime available by fans for fans. It has never changed. But as I finished this thread I then realized while you're a weeaboo like me. You appreciate what was put out at the time but that comment on Kansai-Ben had me dying. @Aryma >>About “boku” and “ore” or maybe “watachi” ? answer me hamburger-land language speakers. I literally died after this comment. lol Plus Princess Nene best baby. No but seriously, as a partially retired fansubber (but not) as I said in my blog if all anime was subbed not to make DVD costs later or super import friendly (looking at you Redo of Healer / Interspecies Reviewers). I'd be super happy and quit it all together. But that's not going to happen with this snowflake generation. Anyway as long as there is a fire in my heart. As long as that candle stays lit, I will sub. No matter if 10 or 100 download it. The desire to sub unsubbed shows will always be my motivation.
@m33w I don't know if you come back to read this but my comment is a joke just like my existence don't take it seriously i just like to put gas over the fire to make people go mad and start fighting each other I wish if they make both I don't like localizations but I really hate what they replace honorifics with like "Mrs" or "miss" so I prefer "honorifics" and weebs subs over this and fuck or is not weebs enough to understand it
[@Aryma](https://nyaa.si/user/Aryma) >replace honorifics with like “Mrs” or “miss” bruh cannot agree with ya more on that one. Here's a fun story: with that girl anime avatar and watachi and whatnot I imagined you going "Watachi joudan chitemachita!!"(in full on weeb mode). LMFAO
> bruh don't talk to me with hamburger-land language go and figure out what is your gender today
[@Aryma](https://nyaa.si/user/Aryma) Now this is fun to watch. The one who gasses the fire is getting gassed themselves XD Bruh, laughed a ton. This is you going full on tsundere mode.
> (should still be ahead of Netflix!)
Still waiting for the ep 3 ;'((
@Interruptor still better than your life
@Gnome Trannies can go FUCK themselves.
“We decided to use the lyrics of a completely different song because it has a similar theme, rather than actually translating the song properly” in upcoming days in NOVAWorks translation are like, you may see replacing a japanese anime opening lyrics with some american cartoon show opening lyrics
@Vendena I agreed. NovaWorks is just a meme fansub anyway.
anyway I'll be waiting for your garbage localization shit
LMAO glad I'm not an EOP
Have NovaWorks given up on this?
Thanks for working on this typesetting hell. Eagerly waiting for when you guys will be done.
@NoobSubs rent-free lol
you guys are fuckin wild and I love it
> (should still be ahead of Netflix!) btw
I've seen bigger shows get more attention than this show and still use honorifics, that's just a bad excuse. Admit that you don't want to use honorifics and the japanese name order because you're lazy and/or prefer not to use it. If i understood correctly you're basically translating directly from the english release of the manga? While this makes it easier so you can concentrate on type-setting and making the subtitles beautiful, it's still a American (probably, i don't know and won't bother to research) company translating for the sole purpose of making money and to cater to a as big of an audience as possible. The translation may still be ass is my point, reading the comments seem to confirm my suspicions that a lot of fun puns gets lost due to the localization. Also you're so behind the weekly release, you might as well just wait until the BDs are released at this point. It's a shame really because the overall quality of the subs are amazing, but the actual translation and choices makes it very lacking.
More please!!!
my man get all the attention on twitter and then dipped
Let's see if we get to 1 episode per month, like in the good old days.
> should still be ahead of Netflix! /r/agedlikemilk TFW Netflix is already on episode 5 and we're stuck on 2 for the past month kekw
But why is Netflix on 5 when the show is on 7?
> But why is Netflix on 5 when the show is on 7? Netflix Japan & TVTokyo started 2 weeks before Netflix Global. So Officially it's on episode 7. However, it's only on Episode 5 for everyone else.
Ah, I see. Thanks.
NOVA is shit subs ever… localization shit… I don’t mind if they change komi san to komi… but when they replace japanese song lyrics with american kids cartoon song lyrics , and , replacing japanese jokes with the american jokes… that’s the main problem. they are translating like english shit dubs.
Damn NovaWorks really lives rent free is the head of this mini encoder Touch some grass bruh
Sooo.... a new episode, or something?
damn boi really skipped town on us lmao
Update from their Discord on November 16th: > Just so everyone is on the same page since we've been getting a lot of questions about it and complaints about lack of transparency: > > - We had major typesetting issues the past two weeks for several reasons which I won't go into to respect the privacy of the typesetters. Finding extra help has not been easy and there is only so much time in a day that we can spare to do this, and for a show like this, some things take time, so our output has been slower than we had expected. > - We're **very** close to finishing typesetting as of writing this. > - As for catching up to Netflix, I do not expect this to happen now, nor will I be setting hard deadlines or cutting corners on quality in order to catch up. It was something that in retrospect could have been feasible if it was literally any other series, but Komi has been an outlier in terms of amount of work needed. **This does not mean we're stalling out of laziness.** We still plan to consistently work on the series, but just bear in mind we don't have plans to "catch up" to Netflix and will instead be releasing episodes as soon as we can on an undefined schedule. > > Please **do not** ask us about when we'll be done or when the episode will be out because we don't know. We legit will not know what day the episode will come out until that day comes. [...] Thank you guys for remaining patient, hope to see you when Episode 3 is ready
it's okay I'll wait
@Haiyami > I was responding to the sivanash and vikrant who said that no one should listen to those who don’t want localization. 7 months late but I never actually cared about the localization, but hateful that out of the many amazing animes released that season, the "shy girl retard guy" shit was being worked on by talented people. Also try to read someone's username before replying thanks.
> Please publish your manga or anime adaptation, I’ll wait. Trying to publish loli hentai will put me in jail in my country.