[NovaWorks] Komi Can't Communicate - 01 [4E4ABEB1]

2021-10-13 17:42 UTC
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### We now have a Discord Server! [Join today!](https://discord.gg/qAbcZgjp53) (or don't!) --- ### EDIT 10/18: We're currently recruiting a third dedicated typesetter for Komi releases! If you're interested, please join our Discord (link above) and contact a staff member. Previous experience is required! --- Sorry for the wait. We weren't anticipating 100+ signs. Hopefully the next episode goes over more smoothly. Until then! ![Komi01preview](https://i.imgur.com/fyjpbTO.png) --- ### STAFF Fansubs by NovaWorks Team B RAW Source: Netflix Translation: NeSubs Translation Check: Setsugen no ao Timing: LafferStyle Editing: 9volt Typesetting: Seigyoku, Zahuczky, Maka, NeSubs Styling: 9volt (OP), Flower (ED) Encoding: kageru Quality Control: bucket3432, ayanami9870 --- ### Notes The song featured at the beginning of the episode, _[Ichi Nensei ni Nattara](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdZNH0NlGnU) (If I Were a 1st Grader)_ is a popular Japanese children's song exploring what the singer would do if they had 100 friends, such as eating onigiri on top of Mt. Fuji, etc. We decided to use the lyrics to _Make New Friends_, a popular American children's song that similarly deals with the themes of friendship and making friends. We're already working on Episode 2. We have no idea when that'll be out but it'll hopefully take less time than this episode did. Be sure to check our Discord or our Twitter for updates! --- *NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.*

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Now _this_ is a certified pog moment
You're the best!
thx was waiting for this
Based release, thanks!
i will wait for better subs. i mean it
Worth the waait lets go
thanks a lot!
blessed. you guys are saints
Thank you! Wondering if Netflix has put on this amount of work, looks fantastic
>netflix >effort lol
> i will wait for better subs. i mean it and which ones would those be?
I have no idea about fansubs as I normally just download the rips so this is a genuine question, is this translation/traslation group good or should I just wait for the netflix release?
nice. Thank you
rub a dub dub thanks for the subs
> We decided to use the lyrics to Make New Friends, a popular American children’s song Why must burgers insert themselves into everything...
tfw don't know either song
Thanks a ton!!!!!!!
"We decided to use the lyrics of a completely different song because it has a similar theme, rather than actually translating the song properly"... When, literally, if you do a search for an english translation of THAT SAME SONG, there are dozens of already translated lyrics out there to choose from, lessening your work load immensely, while giving you accurate lyrics. Now, if the anime uses an ALTERED version of the "Ichinensei" song, that's a different story, but if it does so, I'd STILL rather see a translation that is accurate to the song provided in the anime, than a false, non-translation translation...
Very nice, thanks!
@ericfromabeno It is a kid singing the first 2 lines of the song about making friends, but the first two lines does not indicate this. A Japanese viewer would get it since they likely know the song. So it is an attempt to localize the translation to keep the meaning, rather than doing a literal translation that you would not understand correctly. It could have been a TL note instead, but I imagine some would also complain about that. And I as a non-American didn't get the reference to the American song as well, so I was just confused what was going on until I read up on it.
@ericfromabeno The first two 2 lines of the Japanese song go "If I were a first grader, if I were a first grader." To someone who doesn't know the song (i.e. 99% of us), that means nothing. By using another song with a similar theme, the point is much more apparent (even if you don't know the song, since the songs starts with "Make new friends" which is a pretty big hint to the meaning).
@Keks - I would be surprised if the Netflix translation was any better than these. Yes, there are a couple flubs here, the occasional bit of text that still isn't translated and such. However my experience as a Netflix subscriber is that they put in minimal effort, and is one of the reasons that even though I pay for Netflix I continue to sail these seas.
this is absolutely pogchamp
good shit. CR/funi/netflix could really take some notes here
Thank god, finally. I've been waiting for a good sub. The one on 9anime was pretty awful.
Worth the wait.
Esperava mais 0/10
What's your video source? Didn't Netflix have shitty bitrate?
@gsk_ Video is Netflix filtered by kageru. The main reason the file size is bigger than the Netflix webrip is because a couple of kanji fonts were used but not stripped. That means that fonts make up around 90MB of the release.
hey guys what's going on in this thread
For anyone wondering, I can confirm that VLC does not display all of the subtitles. So heed the warning in the description and use something else.
Thank you guys, awesome work.
herkz can sub and title this "Can't Communicate" and it'll be still the same. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
> For anyone wondering, I can confirm that VLC does not display all of the subtitles. So heed the warning in the description and use something else. Further proof that you should not be using VLC to watch anime in [current year]
what would you use instead of VLC then?
I'm glad I waited :)
Damn, you guys rock! Thank you! >what would you use instead of VLC then? mpv is the only way to go. It's even mentioned in the description >NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.
@Haezard MPV with customized user config or MPC-HC/MPC-BE with MadVR + xySubFilter
Thank for the great sub!!!
@LoliSub faz melhor
People looking for a good video player should try Pot Player. It's good and free, with regular updates.
I was just about to say; potplayer works fine, with minimal changes to the default config for usability like keyboard or mouse playback controls
Potplayer is proprietary adware. Literally the farthest thing from free software.
\>We decided to use the lyrics to Make New Friends, a popular American children’s song muricans always gotta do it huh


Esperava mais 0/10
You can download mpv.net https://github.com/stax76/mpv.net From github. Its designed for windows its like mpv but with a menu like vlc to change subtitles tracks etc. So you dont need to edit the config file if you are not so tech savy
Thanks for the subs
Amazing, thank you so much!
> By using another song with a similar theme, the point is much more apparent So you're saying is that if the little girl was singing the Japanese national anthem you would have changed the subs for her singing Star-Spangled Banner instead? Honestly localizing jokes is one thing, but outright changing Japanese songs is going too far... This is downright levels of changing rice balls to jelly dougnuts tier.
> rice balls onigiri*
Not so. I'm American and I don't even get the localized song. I've never heard it before. And I'm not young either. But I have tons of nephews and nieces who are young and grew up with songs and never heard them sing this. I had to do a google search. This is not a typical song. This is a cub scouts song. I was never a cub scout and there are a lo of people who aren't cub scouts. A majority of people weren't in cub scouts so this song might go over people;s head. And while the Japanese song might go over people's head without notes the replacement song was wrong in the full context behind them I'll explain below as there is a character limit for comments.
The thing is i don't mind creative and "liberal" translations to get a meaning across, but localization sometimes falls flat on it's face. The "make new friends, keep the old", are the first half the lyrics which do convey some meaning, but the second half "one is silver one is gold" makes the song's meaning confusing. I've read the full lyrics for the cub scouts song and the context is quite different compared to the Japanese children's song.
As the translator stated. "Ichi nensei ni nattara" is about a first grader trying to do many different things and doesn't always allude to making friends. The American song has a very specific context about making a friends and getting along and cooperation. So it focuses more on being friendly and a good sanitarian and working for others, but in no way expresses a child's intent of what they want to do. Ichi nense ni nattara expresses a children's dream. So these two songs are not equivalent exchanges. I appreciate the attempt, but the context is completely lost because each song at the roots conveys completely different messages. Also the translators notes in the comments is taken from Wikipedia which unfortunately is a cliff notes style and doesn't represent the full lyrics of the song and it's meaning behind it. I had to find the full lyrics to Ichi nensei ni nattara and I discovered that the song's focus is not just about making new friendships but the dreams of a child beginning a new adventure when going to school. So the exchange was using a song that had the same meaning for only one subject the original japanese song covered. Again good attempt, but iI think there were better choices. What could have been done is also have a translator note within the episode itself to explain things.
don't care touch grass
Wouldn't a surprise if the translator worked for Funimation lmao
Paused the episode to come and say mad respect for the TS. I hope the TSers aren't dead after all that stuff on the chalkboard.
"The song featured at the beginning of the episode, Ichi Nensei ni Nattara (If I Were a 1st Grader) is a popular Japanese children’s song exploring what the singer would do if they had 100 friends, such as eating onigiri on top of Mt. Fuji, etc. We decided to use the lyrics to Make New Friends, a popular American children’s song that similarly deals with the themes of friendship and making friends." Can't you just translate the fucking show?
i could go for a sandwich right about now
Popcorn tastes good.
very sus comment section
I think cheeseburgers and hamburgers work well with fries.
> very sus comment section herkz hasn't said anything yet. I think they might be the impostor.
Herkz is gonna have to defend himself if he doesn't want us to vote him out... unless he's the jester
100th comment !!!!
hoes MAD mad in the comments
> So you dont need to edit the config file if you are not so tech savy TIL editing a text file counts as being tech-savvy these days
All the translation purists posting here are correct but for the wrong reasons. If a translator decides to to substitute one cultural reference for another, the average viewer should be able to "get" the reference, and unfortunately *Make New Friends* is not a well known song. Who even sings it? Girl Scouts? The English-speaking anime demographic skews 90% male. If the choice is between two references that nobody is understand then why not just translate the Japanese? The funniest part is that there's a simple solution. The first 3 lyrics are: 1. When I become a 1st grader 2. When I become a 1st grader 3. I wonder if I can make 100 friends Cutting line #2 and replacing it with line #3 eliminates the need for clunky localization by making the implicit message of friendship clear. This is making a mountain out of a molehill though.
@petzkuh > TIL editing a text file counts as being tech-savvy these days Eh. Finding the config file, finding the docs, reading the docs, understanding the docs, etc. are all things that are not so obvious. Even finding out that [you need to do something special with mpv on windows](https://mpv.io/manual/stable/#files-on-windows) is something hidden [beneath the fold in the manual](https://i.imgur.com/Z3QIALC.png). I use plain mpv, but I understand that there are people who have no idea what to do without a GUI.
Guncannon is right, if nobody in the target audience knows the song, it's a pointless localization. And quite a few people are also ESLers like me, further reducing the chances of getting this reference right.
thx for the release!
Perfect subs, Thanks!
trash as expected
Going through this with each new sign in the episode and I just love how much effort was put into this, I adore encodes where pure love was put into the signs. Well done!
This release is amazing. I nutted 10/10
>localized burger trash uhuh
Pretty good subs all around! However, I feel like there are a couple things that should be adjusted in future releases 1.) Honorifics shouldn't be removed and Name Order shouldn't be changed from the original. Maybe have two sub tracks, one for people who want honorifics and one who don't? I know putting these out in a timely fashion is a lot of work but at least from an outside perspective I can't see that being a lot of extra work, just duplicate the sub track at the end of subbing and remove/add back in honorifics. 2.) Odd choice for the song translation. The song you chose is one that I can tell you almost nobody I know has heard of or knows the meaning of, with the only ones that did being former boy scouts, which makes sense considering above someone mentioned it is a boy scouts song. The background meaning of the song is also pretty different but ill give it a pass since most people likely won't know the meaning of the original without looking it up anyways. Still though should ideally just be translated, whether through your own work or just official translated lyrics off the web with credits in the description, with a translator note accompanying it. At least its just a 1-time song as far as I'm aware, if there are any more cases of songs that need translated they should ideally just be translated as well. Still though, other than these iffy localization choices everything else was really well produced! Especially the typesetting. Can't wait to see your work in the next episode.
No Honorifics? Then it's maybe nope for me. Still don'T get why lot of translator just skip the Honorifics. Instead of translate the sub prefectly they just ruin it with Americanized the dialogue.
One might say that translating out the honorifics is a sign of a perfect translation, not the other way around. I personally generally prefer it when honorifics are included, but saying that removing them isn't translating properly is pretty ignorant.
@9volt How can be it properly when basically remove something from the script that actually can be important to the plot. (Not mention localizated names). Also people that skip honorifics most of the time didin't even translate the dialogues properly cuz they just Americanized the dialogue every time there is hard japanese word. I saw many sub that where every 2nd line do nothing with the original line. For me that far from the properly translate.
@HaouRex learn how to write before talking about "the properly translate". 9volt is absolutely right on the honorifics. I also hope that they'll keep the things mentioned about the localization mishaps in mind. The point of localization is that the people you localize for get the new cultural references. if they don't, then it doesn't work. Of course, this is all easy to say when you're not the one translating so for now I'll just leave my thanks for their work and enjoy the rest of my evening.
@ItsEnder @HaouRex Can you give me just one credible reason as to why honorifics should be included?
People whining about free stuff. If you know there's an error or you think it's an improper translation, do the subs yourself. They have literally an entire group of people credited for this episode alone. It's such a level of entitlement that you have to wonder if only children watch this. You know, fan-subbing does not exist in the entertainment industry, it's something that's added later on in a show. Having people dedicate their time freely to translate a language extremely well for non-speakers is fantastic. They should be getting donations and have a patreon put up.
@vikrant9760 Becuse it can be a plot device. Simple of that. @Liam Lol. Nice comeback kid. i not a american so my english is not perfect. But that dosen't mean that what i write is false. Instead of insult other grammar try to make some real argument. if 9volt like when honorifics included in a sub then why don't use it in own project? @Ultragian Just because someone doing something for free dosen't mean we can't criticize the quality of that.


> Instead of insult other grammar try to make some real argument. Maybe be good at grammar yourself before commenting on others' word choices? You don't really seem to be qualified to talk about what other people should and should not do in their use of language considering the grammar in just this one sentence alone is horrible too... > Just because someone doing something for free dosen’t mean we can’t criticize the quality of that. Yes, it "dose" mean that. If you don't like a free product, go get your fix elsewhere. And stop complaining.
> Yes, it “dose” mean that. If you don’t like a free product, go get your fix elsewhere. And stop complaining. This has always been a non-argument. Irrespective of whether or not a product is free, critique should always be allowed, encouraged even. The matter of honorifics is a difficult one that everyone has a different opinion on so I doubt we'd find a consensus here, but if a series has a lot to do with subtle interpersonal relationships I think it's going to be difficult to get certain points across while leaving out honorifics entirely, considering how important they sometimes are. I don't know if Komi is such a series though as I've never read it. However the matter of localizing the names to fit western naming order is unequivocally terrible! Localization is important, but so is taking heed to not localize too much unless you want to end up as the second coming of 4Kids.
>Becuse it can be a plot device. Simple of that. You do know honorifics can be entirely stripped without losing any plot points? It's up to the editor to make sure the jokes/revelations/whatever are still conveyed in the subs without needing to use Japanese words in an English script.


> This has always been a non-argument. Irrespective of whether or not a product is free, critique should always be allowed, encouraged even. What this "gentleman" was doing was not critique, it was ranting at the sub group didn't cater to his own particular desires. If he wants it done better, he can do it himself. And then we can all complain that his use of language sucks, right? I'm sick of the elitist stance that subs are garbage if they use creative liberties to bring meaning across to the viewer who does not speak the language, and that includes the honorifics bullshit. If you feel those are important to convey meaning then you clearly understand enough Japanese to listen to the episode while reading the subs and get your meaning from there. And if you don't know any of it, chances are you have no need for the addition of the honorifics because you don't know what they mean anyway. I don't care if honorifics are in there or not. Just let the sub group do what they do best and if you don't like that, go watch someone else's free work. Or just learn Japanese so you can do it yourself. > However the matter of localizing the names to fit western naming order is unequivocally terrible! No, it's not. Most Western people wouldn't notice the difference anyway. The people who do notice are people who can understand it just fine from actually listening to the episode. You're literally complaining about a non-issue.
this is toptier works!! keep it up!
TSers ded after the first episode? thanks though, hope you continue
Dear fucking god... so many autists here who cannot watch anime if the subtitles don't have honorifics.... If you can't HEAR them, why do you also need to READ them?
Terrible choice to change the song lyrics.. after a short viewing I see quite a bit of overly liberal translation.. while the type setting here is top tier Neuro-C's translation is much better. Real pity he say's he's not going to continue on with it. Sigh.


> TSers ded after the first episode? Patience? There is a lot more typesetting needed with this show than with most others.
Am fellow translator who doesn't work on subtitling. I want to bring some nuance to the discussion on this cesspool of a website lmao. I am leaning to agree with the criticisms for the song choice. It is a popular children's song in Japan, sure, but the more important thing about that song is not that it is a popular song, it is that that particular section seems to inspire Komi to make a hundred friends. This looks like a lose-lose situation in terms of translating. If you translate it as-is, it will look like the child is just making up the song, but that is not true. If you don't translate it as-is, it will look like the child is singing some song about making friends, and obscure the source of the "100" fixation of Komi. I would personally go for the "child makes up song" route, only because I put more importance to the 100 friends part. Then again, I did not even read the manga, so the other song may even turn out to be a better fit in the long run. So I wouldn't say that it is "terrible" or anything, but does look misguided, and it fails at what liberal translations aim to do, which is getting the main point across without getting drowned in cultural idiosyncracies. Then again I am also a commenter on this cesspool, so make of that what you will. I am perfectly fine with removing the honorifics though. No-one should need a primer in Japanese communication to be able to follow an anime (or any other Japanese work to be honest. This also goes for any other work from any other country of origin, as long as it is not a historical account or something idk). Suggesting otherwise is plain and simple gatekeeping. Godspeed.
gatekeeping is good and should be encouraged
manga readers stay winning
Changed song to some retarded US song? No honorifics? No japanese name order? And people are praising this shit? God awful subs. And seriously, you think honorifics should be removed cause westerners don't get them?? THAT'S THEIR PROBLEM, because YES. People SHOULD research the culture of the thing they are consuming. Imagine fucking reading a book written in 1700 russia and not once taking into consideration that you need to know a bit about the period and location. This rewarding of ignorance is such an USA bullshit, its hilarious y'all defend it
imagine watching with subs any subs
I'll bite. Komi isn't in 1700s Russia, she's in modern day Japan. There really isn't anything wrong with helping more people understand what is going on in the anime they are watching without making them look up stuff. That is not awarding ignorance, and if done correctly, it can actually help foster curiosity about the culture that produced a work that they enjoy. There is literally no reason to gatekeep this. Then again throw in a few more words in all caps and maybe I could delude myself into believing that I live in US and not this third world country I found myself born into.
Being an anime veteran (been watching for well over 15 years), here's my opinion on honorifics: So, I'm someone that prefers accuracy over simplicity. And as such, I prefer honorifics to be included in the subtitles whenever a character uses them. And even though I'm sure the majority of anime watchers are well aware of what all the different honorifics are and what they mean, it's still being spoken, so it should also be subbed. The reason being that the honorifics are an important part of establishing the relationship/dynamic between characters. However, in stories where pretty much everyone is on the same level (ie. students/peers), everyone is gonna be using the same honorifics for each other, so there isn't much point in drawing attention to them unless a particular character is standing out. Further, hearing the honorific being spoken, but not seeing it in the subs creates a quick, but distracting "disconnect." For example, hearing the MC say "Komi-san" but reading just "Komi" conflicts in my mind, hearing formality, but reading familiarity. It doesn't match.
if you ever feel like you're wasting your time, just remember a hundred odd people in this thread on an anime torrenting website are shitting their pants over creative liberties taken in fansubs that were released completely free of charge
the entitlement of anime watchers is always embarrassing to read.
You guys did a splendid job, keep on the great work, thank you really :D
Thanks, i will wait for Netflix because Neuro won't sub anymore. F**k your typesetting when you are just using it to goad people into praising burger meme subs. This is a trojan horse of fansubbing. Btw has anyone ever seen a good translation that removed honorifics but kept the meaning and felt natural? Well, i haven't it's usually stuff like sissy, sister dearest, Bro, stupid childish nicknames or character beeing unnaturally rude etc. Remember Takagi san disaster when the dumb localizer had to surrender when a whole episode was centered around honorofics?
For anyone who cares I added honorifics any time they were spoken, flipped the names to match the Japanese orientation and changed up the song at the start to the lyrics of the song. I also changed the "She sat next to him" > "She sits next to him" which makes more sense to me especially since she was already sitting, therefore he sat next to her. Anyway, the original meaning in the manga was just pointing out the fact that they are sitting next to each other. ~The manga was something along the lines of "Their seats are next to each other." Anyway~ link below. use mkvtoolnix or something to add it to your copy if u want. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ehhyb7sezquj4h1/%255BNovaWorks%255D_Komi_Can%2527t_Communicate_-_01.ass/file
>gatekeeping is good and should be encouraged This is the correct opinion and disagreement is either misguided, or shows that you're the one the gate is supposed to keep away. It's not like other non-anime works don't have tropes, references or things that are good to know to properly understand them. Instead of lobotomizing shows and expecting everything to be burger-ised and served on silver platter, maybe audience should put in some minimal effort and commitment, or stay outside the damn gate.


Thanks @NovaWorks and thanks @skatopia for that edit. It does sound like an enm track would sort out most people's grievances with this release, but maybe the group is against doing so for some reason. To add to the above drama a bit, I see fansubbed anime as a collaborative work for the public good, similar to free software projects. If I find a typo or similar mistake in a release, I tend to comment about it. If I spot some other issue or thing I don't like, I usually mention it. The goal is of course not to make the uploader feel bad, or like their work wasn't enough, or like the viewers are "entitled". The idea is that they could make these corrections or improvements in a v2 or v3 or whatever re-release, and that everyone would be happier in the end with the later version. Complaints are extremely valid and the fact that no one paid for something doesn't mean they have no right to an opinion. I think a lot of comments get dismissed as though they're meaningless or insulting and the viewers are "haters" or "trolls" when they just wanna see the best release possible, similar to reporting bugs to an issue tracker for a software project.
@Ludus17 Couldn't agree more. One of the best posts that I've ever read on this site's comment section. @Sigma_103 +1 too. Same with swapped name order which is even more stupid. @Microscop The thing is, netflix isn't any better. Netflix subs are literally always a one big cringefest. Also, I'm not a fans of TS that is replacing whole signs. It's like replacing SFX and other things in manga translation. Yuck.
Why is this 10 Bit? Instantly noticed that it lags on my TV and had to check. Don't think it's going to help with shitty Netflix quality anyway, maybe encode in x265 if you are going for 10 Bit. At least mention it in description.
yooo wth so many comments
Grahf... it's 2021 and you're complaining about 10bit? It's 5 years too late for that.
Thank you very much for this release!
I'm not watching this show but thanks for being cool.
@HaouRex Lol, these subtitles are already top notch buddy. You get people here criticizing how one phrase at the first few seconds of the episode was translated. And then you and some other guy comment about honorifics. Lol, that is just a choice, doesn't mean it's worse quality. Besides, real subtitles wouldn't include them anyway. People who never watched anime won't understand what "-san" means. This is just spitting out shit on small stuff for the sake of bragging about how you know it. Localized or not, it's correct. No matter how you put it, that's whining. If you think you have some sort of constructive criticism to give, go to their discord and make a suggestion in a civilized manner, not by just saying how now that you learned that it doesn't include honorifics, this release isn't for you, nobody cares. After having actually watched the episode with these subs, they are fantastic. You guys translated and adapted the subs to the environments in the show very subtly. Incredible work. Also great that we're slowly switching to 10bit. The only problem I have with it is that MPC-HC lags a lot when playing this. Going to switch to a different media player for it.
For those talking about lag when using MPC-HC, the cause is the T/S timing being a bit off (I know this from my own experience timing TV to BDrip subtitles).
I don't know... I'm using MPC-HC as well and I didn't get any lag.
The timing ssem the same on MPC-hc, MPC-be, MPC-qt, VLC and MPV
Are you planning on doing the rest of the episodes?
girl help the nyaa mods haven't locked this thread yet
nice comment section we have here
Thanks for your hard work!
If you're lagging on MPC it might be your subtitle renderer not being capable of handling it. Check what you're using under "Subtitle Renderer" by going Option > Playback > Output or press the letter O on MPC. If its "internal subtitle renderer" download "assfiltermod" https://github.com/Blitzker/assfiltermod/releases or see if you got XySubFilter. If you don't have XySubFilter as an toggle option redownload k-lite and make sure it's included. Personally I use assfiltermod ver 0.4. If by some chance it still can't handle it do you got a very old pc? That might be the culprit. Be advised tho if you watch anime that uses PGS you may have to turn it off temporarily (switch to internal subtitle renderer) as it may not display them properly. Likewise with VobSubs. If you're on PC please stop using VLC. I think mac and linux users don't have many options there. Use PotPlayer, or MPC (k-lite codec pack) with assfiltermod as your subtitle renderer, or mpv.
So you went with the official subs and never even bothered to edit? Never in all the years I've been involved with this have I seen ANYONE use "cherry flowers" until this show. And you let it go right by. I retract the comment I left in Discord.
?? This came out a week before Netflix, how could it "go with the official subs"?
These are some really weird-ass subs. Don't like these at all, but these are also the only ones with everything translated, so there isn't really a choice... A lot of stuff is translated incorrectly. In a lot of sentences the meaning is changed. Almost everything is over-localised. Honorifics are dropped. When Tadano introduced himself he very clearly says "Tadano Hitohito" but the subs are written as "Hitohito Tadano" - why would you do this?? These aren't subs for deaf peoiple, we can actually hear stuff you know. > We decided to use the lyrics to Make New Friends, a popular American children’s song that similarly deals with the themes of friendship and making friends. this is some galaxy brain stuff. "WE decided that WE know better, so WE completely replaced the original content with something else entirely which WE think is better for the situation." Oh and I haven't noticed any problems with playback on MPC-HC, everything displays fine with no lag, even running two different instances at once for a test. > Btw has anyone ever seen a good translation that removed honorifics but kept the meaning and felt natural? Well, i haven’t it’s usually stuff like sissy, sister dearest, Bro, stupid childish nicknames or character beeing unnaturally rude etc. Please don't remind me about these horror subs... People will jump over their heads, bend over backwards and excercise some truly amazing mental gymnastics just to remove honorifics.
You guys really love those two and a half lines. The script is 300 lines long. That's 0.8% of the script. (Also, as noted in the episode 2 release, there will be an alternate sub track with honorifics and Eastern name order included with the Blu-Ray release.)
wtf 9volt you can't just say the same thing again to increase the comment count
Thank you so much for your efforts! This was a pleasure to watch.
Comment section required more popcorn.
@noZA_ Man, the description literally says to use mpv. No, not MPC-HC, no VSFilter, no xysubfilter, no assfilter. Libass is *needed* to play this back the way it was intended to, and mpv is the only player that we guarantee that will work perfectly. Even VLC is a better option than anything you listed, since that uses libass. But still, VLC can have weird bugs, so it's not recommended. [http://mpv.io/](http://mpv.io/)
VLC does not work for this video.
“We decided to use the lyrics of a completely different song because it has a similar theme, rather than actually translating the song properly” ahh! I was considering to downloading this buy I suppose I have to skip this.
in upcoming days in NOVAWorks you may see replacing a japanese anime opening lyrics with some american cartoon show opening lyrics
@Zahuczky >AssFilter is an Open-source DirectShow subtitle renderer based on libass and the SubRenderIntf interfaces. Like the well known XySubFilter, AssFilter don't render the subtitles on the video. It instead communicate directly with the video renderer to send the subtitles. This process allow the video renderer to do what it wants with the subtitles. Besides for 1 sign it plays just fine, you clueless idiot. Fuck your weak ass attempt to get folks to use mpv when they don't need to. Focus on getting episode 4 and so forth instead.
^ Gets mad when a freely available fansub is not supporting his deprecated trash software. Truly retarded beyond belief. This is what I expected from someone that talks about keeping honorifics all the time, so that's not surprising.