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2021-05-29 12:03 UTC
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# __Douluo Dalu - Episode 158 (Official Subs)__ ___ ### __Subtitles__ #### __My release of __this__ Episode includes 8 __English__ subtitles:__ __5 Subtitles that appear on top of the Chinese Subs:__ - Open Sans --> Font used by "HorribleSubs" - Roboto --> Font used by "SubsPlease" - Century Gothic - Angie - Bebas Neue --> Replaced "Spider-Man" __3 Subtitles that hides the Chinese Subs:__ - Hides Chinese (01) --> Open Sans - Hides Chinese (02) --> Roboto - Hides Chinese (03) --> Century Gothic - Hides Chinese (04) --> Angie - Hides Chinese (05) --> Bebas Neue __Extra's:__ - Longer lines have been split into 2 lines for a more preferable reading. - The subs duration have been extended so you can read a little longer. - The Hides Chinese subs don't reach the watermark anymore. - 1021mb original raw has been encoded and compressed to 556mb. - I've covered the Chinese subs with a block box behind the subs. ___ ### __VLC Media Player__ #### __How to choose those subs?__ __I recommend using this video player to everyone since it supports the newest codec and billions of people are using it!__ - Download VLC Media Player - Move your mouse to the top or right click on video to "__Subtitle > Subtrack > Choose your Subs/Font__" - Choose one you like the most and enjoy the video! ^^ I'll add a these fonts in every upcoming release so everyone can choose their favorite font to get the best watch experience! ___ ## __Qualification__ __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A RED ENTRY__ - Reupload of original release using non-original file names. - Reupload of original release with missing and/or unrelated additional files. __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A GREEN ENTRY__ - Torrents uploaded by trusted users. - Though it’s not green, I am fortunately NOT a troller or shitposter!

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Out of all the weekly eps I’ve worked on, this might be the episode I’ve worked the hardest on and you’ll see why! ^^ If you really can’t wait for the next episodes, I recommend reading the manga. It has reached Chapter 267 and that’s around 65% adapted from the novel. If not manga, then of course reading the novel is the next choice. Don’t be fooled with fake dd novels, the one you need is: https://bluesilvertranslations.wordpress.com/chapter-list/ As for the manga: http://fanfox.net/manga/soul_land/ Further, enjoy this episode from the bottom of your heart, it’s too fucking wholesome and epic! :) Make sure to join my Discord Server: Blue Silver Sect: https://discord.gg/B8qrxuy2e4 and you can see my progress on Douluo Dalu Remastered and allot of other stuff :D
tHANKS SO MUCHIE .. \(@^0^@)/やったぁ♪\(@^0^@)/やったぁ♪
V, Thanks from my heart. You are the best. I tried to join discord with your invite link, can not join due to invalid or time out. need help
Nice, work definitely shows in this 265. Good indeed (tho still think it rather incongruently a bit much with the chipmunks receiving tho bouquet, :):) sure they could have done it a tad less cheesy)

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__@Hawkeye007__, you're in my server though, maybe that's why? :3