[kmplx] The Future Diary (2011)|Mirai Nikki - Episode 01 (BD 1080p x264 Hi10p FLAC) [Dual-Audio] (CANCELED) (yes already)

2021-05-18 01:31 UTC
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### **EDIT 3: I've decided to just help with a section of Kaori's version ***for now.*** If you want something to add to your "dead future diary releases museum" here's your chance.** Mirai Nikki 342-0 Typesetters It's possible I'll continue this at some point, but I'll need to get a lot more people on board to actually be able to finish it. --- ~~This project uses a combination of typesetting from GotWoot and Interrobang. The signs track for the dub has been mostly matched with the signs track created by Funimation. All displayed on sergey_krs's (probably) elitist certified™ encode. I also plan to make a smaller version to replace my current [smplstc release](https://nyaa.si/view/1253639) when this is complete.~~ **Script:** GotWoot **TS:** Interrobang, GotWoot, (Komplex mostly just copying the signs from their respective releases) **QC:** Komplex --- ### **Track Information** - **Video**: Japan BD transcoded to 10-bit AVC at CRF 16.5 by sergey_krs - - **Audio track 1 [ENG]**: FLAC 5.1 @ 20-bit - **Audio track 2 [JPN]**: FLAC 2.0 @ 16-bit - - **Subtitle track 1 [ENG]**: Signs/Songs | kmplx **(ASS)** - **Subtitle track 2 [ENG]**: Full Subtitles | kmplx **(ASS)** - **Subtitle track 3 [ENG]**: Signs/Songs | Funimation **(PGS)** - **Subtitle track 4 [ENG]**: Full Subtitles | Funimation **(PGS)** - - **Chapters**: Named **(XML)** --- ### **Release Information** **Sources** Video & Japanese Audio - sergey_krs English Audio, PGS Subtitles, and Chapters - USA BD **Mediainfo** https://pastebin.com/raw/tf8DuTsc **Quality Assessment Screenshots & Some Typesetting Examples** https://imgur.com/a/t1w7gzD --- **I'm not taking requests; I'm making these for my own collection, but I've decided to upload them.**

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  • [kmplx] The Future Diary - 01 - Sign Up (BD 1080p x264 Hi10p FLAC) [4DF0C3FB].mkv (2.0 GiB)
nah there's tons of typesetting the entire time

Komplex (uploader)

>I’m hoping the animators got lazier with the signs as time went on.

Komplex (uploader)

Ah fuck, oh well I'll just stall for a few years ez
Kametsu/FFF did the first 14 episodes, so could utilize that.

Komplex (uploader)

Probably will (that will actually speed things up alot), I've also just learned "Kaori" is also trying to pick up the slack from Kametsu/FFF. so Im going to have to figure out what my next move is going to be.
dont hesitate to create v2 and v3 for any episode.

Komplex (uploader)

I already have some new ideas for this episode thanks to FFFs version, but I'm only going them to the final batch (if I make it there). This was mostly just a test release, so I could get some opinions and feedback (glad I did).
I still go back to FFF's release every so often. Would be great for someone to finish the series in BD.
> so I’m hoping the animators got lazier with the signs as time went on. You're wrong on that one mate.


Really fucked up anime, you've been warned.
> I’ve also just learned “Kaori” is also trying to pick up the slack from Kametsu/FFF. well yes but he's retarded
> well yes but he’s retarded can confirm