[Tangmen] Soul Land / Douluo Dalu / 斗罗大陆 - 151 [WEB 1080p][H264 AAC]

2021-04-16 02:35 UTC
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Video: H264/AVC 8bit 1080p - Ripped from WeTV (Clean version without chinese hardsub) Audio: AAC ~96kbps, Chinese Subs: English There are 2 track subtitles track 1: English ASS (Tangmen), edited from Official. track 2: English SRT (WeTV / Tencent) Official Opening Song: [[Soul Land][Douluo Dalu][斗罗大陆] OP3 - Break the Cocoon (破茧) by Angela Chang (张韶涵) [FLAC][Lossless]](https://nyaa.si/view/1322840) Ending Song: [[Soul Land][Douluo Dalu][斗罗大陆] ED1 - Reluctantly (不舍) by Lala Hsu (徐佳莹) [FLAC][Lossless]](https://nyaa.si/view/1322849) *Add lyrics for OP & ED (since eps 139), for you who haven't memorized the song or can't read Hànzì, you can sing the song now :D* It seems, VipapkStudios is still busy with his homework or something else, I already sent edited WeTV script of eps 151 for his release last saturday, fyi I work together with him for Douluo Dalu donghua, Vipapk (hopefully) for fast release using GM-Team video source, and I use WeTV non-hardsubbed video that usually available few days after initial release.

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  • [Tangmen] Soul Land - 151 [WEB 1080p] [3EEA0CEA].mkv (559.8 MiB)
Good to see someone taking up the gap :) Thanks. We'll see I guess if Vippak gets on track (do like his work but if too much I'd happily settle with V1.... usually do, lol).
So do you recommend your work on VipapkStudios for the episodes that you did?
Thank you for your hard work.!
Thanks for sharing.. Was waiting for Vipapk..and wondering is he ok...

bex39 (uploader)

@Marche kinda, I sent edited wetv script since eps 138 or 139 to Vipapk. With little edit, it's lot better than animexin at that time (fast sub, bad quality), and make it comparable with kurina (slow sub, good quality) I think xD
__@Dryvern__, I had some graduation exams going on and that's why i didn't had much time :3 __@Marche__, It depends. I don't like WeTV rips because the quality is absolutely trash and there's chance they cut scenes which don't happen in the raws I am using and are of the best quality too. Also I want the subtitles to be as close as possible to that of the sub group that does Japanese Anime --> SubsPlease & HorribleSubs. I'm being honest here and forward that I think my version is superior. But the part with "depends" is purely based on if the Chinese Hard-Subs are annoying to you or not. If you go with WeTV than know you'll be watching a quantity version instead of quality and chance of cutted scenes. So yeahh, it totally depends on you :) __@cinlky__, Ahww, thanks for worrying about me. I'm doing fine, just had exams going on and didn't had much time. Gonna try to upload everything i can today <33