Dahua Zhi Shaonian You (Great Story The Young Men’s Journey)

2021-03-05 03:05 UTC
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Jian Xia Ke and Xiao Yao Sheng have defeated the baby-eater that caused Chang'an, but they now find themselves falling into a bigger mystery. They traveled to the distant Spirit Beast Village and met the beautiful Demon Fox Girl, the Bone Elves, and people of all kinds inhabiting rivers and lakes along the way. They gained growth and friendship, but are now entangled in a greater crisis: a dispute between immortals and demons. The animation will combine elements such as martial arts, fantasy, blood, adventure and more, to present to the audience a tale of ups and downs in legendary stories! **The meaning of the names are epic, and there's a few swear words that are censored, there's a few starting with an F.** ??? _MC 1: If you don't mind, I'll call you Freedom from now on._ ...... _MC 2: I do mind, Sword._

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  • Dahua Zhi Shaonian You (Great Story The Young Men’s Journey)
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