[Rom & Rem] Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi - 06v0 [TV][H265][10bits][1080p][AAC][Uncensored] (Modified subtitle)

2021-02-18 11:54 UTC
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Why v0? As some of you may already know, Sentai has a power outage issue and couldn't release their official English sub for their censored version. We had to use another subtitle for this release. We'll release another version based on the official sub later. The quality of the sub might not be perfect, but we made a lot of changes and hope it'd be at least watchable. Source video & audio: https://nyaa.si/view/1344443 Original subtitle: https://nyaa.si/view/1344517 Edited: - Added honorifics. - Changed some character names and titles to be closer to the original. - Added translations for the uncensored scenes. ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/UVAvhSq.jpg)

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  • [Rom & Rem] Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi - 06v0 [TV][H265][10bits][1080p][AAC][Uncensored].mkv (227.2 MiB)
Based Romulus and Remus.
I've been waiting for this
@omnipotent500 The best that you can get rn, perfectly watchable :)
Thank you for the review, @TNCurz When will nyaa have a notification system fucking hell
@MarekSenpai Np ^^ And yeah, nyaa really needs a notification and tagging system....
idk man, _a lot_ of phrases are straight up wrong, how did you do this?
@Setsugennao It's not their fault, the original translators at AnimoTVSlash just aren't good. Still waiting for your release.
The subs are of very poor quality. If you checked them you did a very poor job.
@TNCurz thanks! I’m putting lots of hours into this, doing everything from scratch should be out in less than 1h, as it’s already late I’m also deinterlacing and applying some filters
@Setsugannao Rlly appreciate everything you do and have done till now :) Thank you for everything!
@Arilando Read the comment above your's :|
@TNCurz It is their fault. They claim to have looked through the subs. They either didn't, or are amazingly incompetent.
@Arliando Whatever you say... just wait for Setsugen's release, they said it should be done in an hour
There has been a problem with the encoding, at this point I'm gonna re-encode it
@Setsugennoao (πーπ)I'll wait Thanks again for your work!
@Setsugennoao Thanks and may I know how long does your re-encoding take?
These shitlords keep copying each other’s work without changing anything and just leaving original low quality speedsubs, fuck you Roman-sama.
@RolerGames about an hour, damn it. I want the progressive video so people will stop complaining about the "big" subs
@RolerGames 0-0 an hour... Thanks for letting us know, I've been F5ing nyaa for more than 15 mins now (T_T)
Guess I'll just wait for your re-encode. Keep up the good work!
Sorry! I have a crappy PC XD if you pm me on telegram I'll let you know!
At least I'll get to watch it with my dinner T-T
@Setsugennoao No need to apologize, I understand you, it usually takes an hour for me too.
@Setsugennoao Invest in crypto already dude and buy yourself a chad PC ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)
for every bad sub that gets released my pc delays the release by 1 hour
༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽
![](https://s3.image.hosting/2021/02/18/IRVB.png) ![](https://s3.image.hosting/2021/02/18/I9sX.png) Send help, 10k out of 36k frames done
/send Setsugennoao Help
My release will be delayed as well. As I only got hold of raws this morning and takes several hours for me to process the video with the Topaz Video Enhance AI. It's currently baking in the oven. Oh and btw Setsugen, I found out today that the problem with the AT-X raws isn't that they are interlaced, but they are telecined. Which is a mix of progressive and interlacing. So while a deinterlace filter does the job. A detelecine filter will do an even better job, leave less artifacts and correct the framerate in one go.
@ParasiteX thanks for the info! my script does that too so it wasn't a big problem if you want the raws faster, pm me :)
btw [this](https://s3.image.hosting/2021/02/18/IFbg.png) is how my video with the deinterlace, _detelecine_, some filters and some love looks like
Looks pretty good. Heh, Video Enhance had just finished processing that scene when I read that. So took a lil quick screen shot of it for comparision. This screenie is taken before final encoding tho. But generally not much quality lost from the final encoding process. https://i.imgur.com/6cmwItQ.png Mostly it's the line sharpness that differs. Which it does a really good job at enhancing
damn, god-tier job
worth waiting for setsugennoao's subs or should i just watch it as is?
Bruh. Seems like waiting for a better release is really gonna be worth it this time
I can tell you it's worth waiting, these are kinda bad... it's not entirely roman-sama's fault tho
@MarekSenpai (and everyone else asking for a notification) ever heard of RSS? Nyaa has one of these spooky RSS... (You can use RSS to get a notification, or depending on your Torrent Program even let it grab the torrent automatically)
Aight, I'll wait. Thanks.

Roman-sama (uploader)

Sorry for this poor release, but as we stated in the description, it's a v0 release based on some unusual sub. We did fix around 60-70% of the mistakes but there are still some errors left unedited. Correcting all of them would take as long as subbing everything from zero and it's not worth it for a temporary version like this. We might delete this torrent as soon as we have v1 uploaded.
@Roman-sama Don't worry. You tried. Thanks.
@Setsugennoao any update on the encode progress?
SubsPlease release is out now
@ParasiteX yea but it's censored
@floppyduck Yeah i know. It's the subs specifically i'm mentioning are out. As Roman uses those as a base to edit from.