Heavy (ヘヴィ)- 1990 / OVA

2021-01-14 05:47 UTC
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Based on Motoka Murakami's eight volume manga and directed by the legendary Noboru Ishiguro. I decided to provide a modest translation of this charming OVA. This translation doesn't aspire to the be the greatest or most accurate. Do what you want with the translation. Modify it, re-write it, urinate on it; whatever. I don't care about being credited or not. Just enjoy!

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  • Heavy Movie (ヘヴィ) [Bubby-Subs] (LD 640x480 x264).mkv (503.2 MiB)
yo this looks interesting. thanks.
Certainly does look interesting, CHEERS! :) Thank you for putting in the work to translate, I look forward to watching :)
Old and obscure anime is always welcome!

captainbubby (uploader)

I'm glad there's still a lot of old school fans out there; enjoy everyone!
Awesome thanks! Do you do requests? I have Baribari Densetsu movie & OVA(2 parts) on 3 DVDs that were captured from Video High Density(VHD) discs. The quality is great, much better than other raws available. I think only the movie was ever subbed but its really low quality & hardsubbed. https://ibb.co/6cQSMZ2 (old fansub) https://ibb.co/qCqTh0n (VHD)
Great thanks, I was thinking about watching it for a while! :) Retro always win! :)

captainbubby (uploader)

Hi Ratman, I'm afraid I don't have a dedicated translator and my grasp of Japanese isn't good enough to tackle it solo. I'll ask around though.

captainbubby (uploader)

Hey, everybody. I'm aware of a font issue, occasionally a pencil is seen where there should be a "n't". It's a problem inherent to how Aegisub handles that font. I've changed the font and fixed a few more errors that I can't believe I missed. "Alex King" is now "Alex Gordon" in all instances, the font has changed and a few little grammatical/syntactical errors have been fixed. You can grab the V2 of the sub file here. https://www.mediafire.com/file/swypqoojto9ne9v/Heavy+Movie+(ヘヴィ)+(LD+640x480+x264)+V2.ass/file