Lord of Lords Ryu Knight - Re-encode 4 Daum - 47,48,51-legend 2+final

2020-11-22 13:48 UTC
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Hi, firstly many thanks to uploader: Yoshitaka who without I never would have watched this fun series. I found the 'Final' episode on net & thought to upload. Although it is advertised at end of Lord of Lords Ryu Knight - Adeu's Legend II - OVA 3 as next episode, it is a fun unrelated set of cameos. Still it completes things. The quality is not the greatest but watchable. You can live stream or get same download link (or lower 360 res) where I did here: https://animebix.com/haou-daikei-ryuu-knight-adeu-legend-final-episode-1-english-subbed/ I have also added my re-encodes of episodes I had issues playing in Daum/Pot Player (had same rapid play with Flv files recently since last Daum update). So if you have similar issues included are Episodes 47, 48 & 51 of original series, Plus he 3 Ovas from legend 2. File sizes are larger due to limited software, so recording at 2800 bitrate to aim to not loose any source quality (plus I'm too impatient for handbrake, though I do not see any real difference.).. Bar that it is a direct re-encode. Anyhoos, I just realised I forgot to add text file for un-named episodes (i'll add below). If you wish final ep or have issues I had.. this should help :) NB/ Episode name list for original series 46-52: 46-Protect Earth Tear - The Journey The Heroes Partook 47-Gesshin's Final Gamble - Protect The Earth Blade 48-The Howl Of The White Wolf - Blazing Shinebaram 49-Brother & Sister Within The Light - Derringer's Desperate Shot Of A Lifetime 50-Stand Up Adeu - Earth Tears Greatest Crisis 51-A Miraculous Turn Of Events - Come Forth Ryu Users 52-Shine, Paladin - Adeu's New Journey PS. if origional uploader wishes to cover this upload - uploads found here: https://nyaa.si/user/Yoshitaka - or download & use this update I am more than happy to adjust or shut down this upload completely :) Thanks again Yoshitaka... just thought this quicker. If you get a better quality final episode I would myself be interested, lol.

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