[HorribleSubs] Enen no Shouboutai S2 - 14 [1080p].mkv

2020-10-02 18:00 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Enen no Shouboutai S2 - 14 [1080p].mkv (1.4 GiB)
An upload from beyond the grave F
Maybe they're just finishing the shows they were currently doing
Uhm, I don't think you get how a farewell works. You stop doing stuff and THEN you say farewell.
The admin said they will finish summer 2020 only, so maybe this will be the last one.
Forgot to stop the scripts? lol. BTW Dao, you've got to find someone to pass those down to, there's no reason to take them to the grave with you
Nyaa : *Confused Noises* Bot : Detroit Become Human
don't give hope
You were the fastest rippers. What a sad day. RIP.
I'm just gonna be thankful for this, and if they continue to he end of this season! We'll miss you HorribleSubs!
Covid killed HS but you're inside on the computer all day?? ???
scripts still alive


wait what HS
Glad someone kept a light on even if it is the basement. Thing I will most miss bar the timely uploads is the schedule & description link... very helpful. Doubt someone will take it on but a seasons weekly schedule would be great even linked to here & even without times or details, just shows & days. Cheers for all the work HS (HorribleSubs btw RJS)
we all got rick-rolled.
@Dryvern It's a bit scuffed but Erai does have a schedule on their website.
Farewell my beloved HS
you will finish the translation Fire force
Say whaaat? https://nyaa.si/user/HorribleSubs?s=id&o=desc was my go-to page for new releases of animes i watch. What am i gonna do now?! Browse the main site like an idiot? For the last 15 years HS was... anime. For me. Who do i trust with my animeness now?
@DmonHiro this is encore
Thanks HS
-Omae Wa mo shindeiru! -HS(Jotaro scene) : NO! NO! NO! NO!
Is this a release from the grave?
Isn't ironic that some say RIP, to Horriblesubs who ripped animes from Crunchyroll. Like saying Rest in Peace while still demanding to rip. But still, a bad time for anime-lovers who got used to watching subbed animes that come fast, free and almost always on schedule. Thanks HS.
@DmonHiro Look who's talking! Don't you remember YOUR farewells???
Oh shit... I'm still in F.. shock.... It's raining...Roy Mustang
Rest in peace HS, thanks for being there. <3
完結散花 想你喔HS (ಥ_ಥ)
From their discord, "Enen was a mistake, we released it on accident, there will be no more releases. Woops"
Feels like we've gone back to the stone age.
HS Please Come Back :(
I think they're just finishing the shows they were doing from the last season. In any case RIP to HS. They weren't perfect, but they didn't need to be.