Dance in the Vampire Bund A.S.O. v02 (Digital)

2020-09-13 09:21 UTC
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[![cover.jpg](]( > A GAME OF SHADOWS > >Mina and Akira have returned to the hidden Cradle deep in the Amazon where they have not only run into Mina’s once-evil doppelganger Katie Morris, but also receive a shocking revelation from the mothers of the Tepes clan. They’re given little time to absorb this new information, though, before world events take a drastic turn and Mina, Akira, and even Katie Morris find themselves wrapped up in a globe-spanning “game” that none of them could have predicted! *** Previous volumes:

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  • Dance in the Vampire Bund A.S.O. v02 (Digital) (NiceDragon).cbz (139.5 MiB)
Glad you're still with us, thanks for the upload. :)
thanks! I've been waiting for this one
@Merithyn any chance you'll be releasing the new volumes of Demon Lord, Retry! and Mushoku Tensei?
bless, is it too much to ask for the rest of the special editions as well (vol 4-7)? since kimiko apparently quit