Dance in the Vampire Bund v15 (Digital)

2019-12-28 10:35 UTC
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[![cover.jpg](]( *** Three months have passed since Princess Mina, queen of all vampires, has recaptured the Bund. The damage inflicted to vampire/human relations runs deep, but a peaceful postwar restoration is now underway. Yet appearances can be deceiving. Somebody is trying to kill government liaison Reiko Gotoh, and it is up to werewolf bodyguard Akira and shapeshifting sheriff Hama Seiji to protect her. Seiji must look deep into his own past in order to uncover the hidden dangers that lurk in the present. The dark secrets he learns may not only impact his ill-fated romance with Gotoh, but could spell the end of the Vampire Bund itself. Contains Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledgehammer Vol.1, the first half of Vol. 2 along with two bonus chapters and a brand new Chronicle story. *** Format: cbz Title: The Memories of Sledgehammer 1/2

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  • Dance in the Vampire Bund v15 (Digital) (NiceDragon).cbz (180.3 MiB)
Dance in the Vampire Bund (v01-v14) (2008-2013) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
Isn't it a whole different series? A clean up sequel.

Merithyn (uploader)

Seven Seas has few versions of numbering it. This one is Special Edition Vol. 8 Sledgehammer 1 (Omnibus?) but then there is also a whole Sledgehammer bundle labeled as Vol. 15-17. I just labeled it with number 15 because I think that way most people will know where to start in regarding with regular edition that's available on nyaa. The Sledgehammer is (interlude) the part between original manga and continuation (Scarlet Order).
This particular omnibus takes the 3 volumes and splits them into 2.