[Kaizoku] Weathering with You (BD 1080p AAC) [3EB57529]

2020-05-29 21:27 UTC
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| Credits | | |--------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Encode | Beatrice-Raws with 5.1ch qAAC audio | | Translation | Heavily edited official subs with a handful of lines referenced from Lonely Hikikomori's. | | Song Translation | Green Moriyama (edited) | | Timing, Editing, Styling | dedsec | | Typesetting | Yeah, no. Important signs are translated but there's no TS cause ~~typesetting is not an important part of the fansubbing pro-~~ I'm a noob. | | Quality Check | thecommondude, anshuman852, 3chan and everyone else who watched this upon my request to hunt for errors. | I timed, edited and styled the official subs, localized (and un-localized it at times), added memes, puns and modified song translations from [Green Moriyama](https://greenmoriyama.wordpress.com)'s blog. I decided not to include the typesetting from [Lonely Hikikomori](https://nyaa.si/view/1249976) as it just made things more confusing. These subs should make your experience go from 'OK' (read: abysmal) to alright. Any feedback/suggestions/criticism, drop them in comments or on discord at notdedsec#6215. I hope you enjoy these subs as much as I "enjoyed" working on them. It honestly made me like the movie to some extent which is a huge difference in opinion from when I first watched it in theaters and absolutely hated it. (Turns out it was largely due to a TL error which they _actually fixed_ on the bluray.) Use these subs however you want. If mini encodes are your thing, grab it off of [AnimeKaizoku](https://animekaizoku.com/weathering-with-you-38826/). [Mediainfo](https://del.dog/e/hicrexydic) | [Screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/ZZl0yVn) | [Fonts and Subtitles](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z7BGvYhGzc0Ht5AMuomdw8paYD9VcvJQ) which I'll keep updated in case I make changes. **Edit: I did make some fixes so get the latest subs from here.** Since this is our first post under this tag, I'm gonna rant a bit about the group and how awesome we are. Our previous posts were a ton of minis and re-encodes. The staff that used to post those are inactive now. Under the [Kaizoku] tag, we'll be posting releases in which we've made substantial amount of edits, muxed with the best encodes out there. I refer to 'us' as a group but it's mostly just me, killing time (which I have a lot of these days, thanks corona-chan) along with some help from people that I mention in the credits. I don't know how long I'll continue but I'll at least finish the two projects I started: Children of the Sea and Cencoroll Connect. This wasn't supposed to be our first release but things got stalled, you know how that goes.

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>typesetting >2020
> fansubbing > 2020
Hey, thanks for working on this. I watched this movie in theaters, so I wanted to ask: what was the TL error that ruined the experience?
kinda spoilery for those who haven't watched but it was during the grand escape scene when hodaka says "you don't have to be the sunshine girl anymore" (in these and the bluray subs) but the one i watched in theater said "you're not the sunshine girl anymore" (i think you can still see this in some camrip upload) this line started the entire train of thoughts beginning with: _'what gives him the right to declare that she's not the sunshine girl anymore?!'_ and made the events feel more forced than they already were.
bruh moment that explains a lot, thanks for letting me know.
Thanks for the share!!
> I decided not to include the typesetting from Lonely Hikikomori as it just made things more confusing In what sense confusing? It's more confusing removing all the typesetting, especially for phone/tablet signs, making them seem like dialogue. Thanks anyway for some TL edits, I'll prolly fix some signs myself if nobody else does.
the entire point of typesetting is for the text to blend in with the video, which they never do and that to me is... annoying. at times there's just too much text on screen, confusing the viewer what to focus on. i did style and position the sign tl differently so they don't get mistaken for dialogue. call it personal preference but i'm fine with it as long as the signs are understandable and would take no ts over bad ts any day. i get that they're new to this (i'm the same) and i appreciate their efforts. i actually tried to fix them but it soon turned out to be too difficult for me, so i'm looking forward to your work.
> i actually tried to fix them but it soon turned out to be too difficult for me damn, i tried too but my fansubbing skills aren't all that good. I hope i manage to do something with it, or just wait for herkz and commie.
I was wondering, can you put like "v2 or v3" and so on when making edits to the sub file? Thanks.
@SeaSmoke ikr, the weeks of :effort: i put into editing was worth it cause it gave me a better understanding of the movie. no such thing with typesetting tho, especially since it'll all be obsolete when commie does it like four months later. @uberasian there's only been one edit to subs here so far. i'll be sure to include it next time if i ever made any updates.
@notdedsec Just wondering, do you plan on adding romaji to the insert songs and Ed song?
@uberasian nope, don't like em.
@notdedsec - "Our previous posts were a ton of minis and re-encodes. The staff that used to post those are inactive now" "I refer to ‘us’ as a group but it’s mostly just me, killing time" what do you mean by this? I've been on animekaizoku's website and I've seen other staffs like Kira are active just like before.
> The staff that used to post those are inactive now i was talking about older staff members who used to run our nyaa account like Rokey, Rejul, ~~Lucifer22~~ who were earlier a part of ARRG, HCLS, ~~AC~~ > I refer to ‘us’ as a group but it’s mostly just me, killing time here i was referring to the fansubing part of our group