[LCE] Ashita no Joe the Movie [BD 1080p AAC Dual-Audio]

2020-02-13 01:42 UTC
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***G R A I N B L E S S*** What do you get when you combine lots of film grain and one of the longest anime films ever made? This apparently. The 1980 Ashita no Joe movie is a severely abridged retelling of roughly the first 53 episodes of the 1970 television series crammed into two-and-a-half-hours of movie directed at people who had not seen the original series, with several story edits and some new music. This release contains the Discotek translation with not much effort put in (about as much as this movie deserves honestly), *some* typesetting, and the Tai Seng dub as well (which quite frankly, is terrible). Good god this movie is long.

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  • [LCE] Ashita no Joe the Movie [BD 1080p AAC Dual-Audio][70B55098].mkv (24.6 GiB)
Thanks, do you have any interest in doing AnJ 2? It has a BD but the only (good) subs available are hardsubbed web releases.

LCE (uploader)

thanks for this upload
Thank you very much for the upload I've always waited for a subbed release of the first movie since I'm too lazy to re-read the first half of the manga. Can't wait for the AnJ2 rips.
Are these official subs? Because there are some errors. For example, the last line of ending song is 俺はロープを背負ってた and it has been translated as something about wearing a robe on back, yet there clearly is "rope" (ロープ, ropu) in the original text, so, because the show is about boxing, I'd translate it as "leaning against the ropes" (on the ring).
Think you will still upload AnJ2 BD's?
Interesting. Thanks !
Thanks to searching this I found the second 47 part series, cheers. I would dearly love the movies 1 + 2 & perhaps joe vs joe, unfortunately as much as I wish to see the first movie, I just don't have enough data space (especially without sacrificing uploads) Pity... yet I still hope someone will do both movies in future & at a much smaller size. Or seeing as I found the raws now (movies 1-2) it is now a search for english subtitles. Thanks anyhoos.
@[LCE], do you have Ashita No Joe 2 The Movie UHD 4k?
.srt subtitle link please.