[Guodongsubs][Mo Dao Zu Shi][Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation][Season2][1080P][English][01-08][End]

2019-09-24 10:15 UTC
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  • [Guodongsubs][Mo Dao Zu Shi][Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation]
    • [Season2]
      • [AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub]
        • [Season2][01][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub][336.46 MB][7D9F10D8].mp4 (336.5 MiB)
        • [Season2][02v2][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub][265.03 MB][84173964].mp4 (265.0 MiB)
        • [Season2][03][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub[294.77 MB][42B7240E].mp4 (294.8 MiB)
        • [Season2][04][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub][213.83 MB][5A5F94AD].mp4 (213.8 MiB)
        • [Season2][05][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub][305.12 MB][AED7A40B].mp4 (305.1 MiB)
        • [Season2][06][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub][292.3 MB][ED4518AF].mp4 (292.3 MiB)
        • [Season2][07][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub][300.11 MB][977CB8D2].mp4 (300.1 MiB)
        • [Season2][08][AVC_AAC][Hardsub][English Sub][259.81 MB][4B656539].mp4 (259.8 MiB)
      • [HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub]
        • BrushType.otf (91.4 KiB)
        • FZZJ-SHXSJW.TTF (12.9 MiB)
        • NotoSansCarian-Regular.ttf (5.7 KiB)
        • [Season2][01][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][221.14 MB][688A0924].mp4 (221.1 MiB)
        • [Season2][01][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][30.17 KB][9DD86E11].ass (30.2 KiB)
        • [Season2][02][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][221.36 MB][55BAE43B].mp4 (221.4 MiB)
        • [Season2][02][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][33.31 KB][99BAB11A].ass (33.3 KiB)
        • [Season2][03][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][215.19 MB][D82A17F2].mp4 (215.2 MiB)
        • [Season2][03][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][34.20 KB][D2BE7313].ass (34.2 KiB)
        • [Season2][04][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][214.26 MB][CCA33BD6].mp4 (214.3 MiB)
        • [Season2][04][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][28.59 KB][403BD6CE].ass (28.6 KiB)
        • [Season2][05][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][222.46 MB][B0F3A038].mp4 (222.5 MiB)
        • [Season2][05][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][36.58 KB][7843C82C].ass (36.6 KiB)
        • [Season2][06][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][215.27 MB][9BFBDB2C].mp4 (215.3 MiB)
        • [Season2][06][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][33.81 KB][86E1BFF9].ass (33.8 KiB)
        • [Season2][07][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][222.93 MB][FB7040B0].mp4 (222.9 MiB)
        • [Season2][07][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][33.88 KB][11AD1C2A].ass (33.9 KiB)
        • [Season2][08][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][216.71 MB][C0ACB6F9].mp4 (216.7 MiB)
        • [Season2][08][HEVC_AAC][Softsub][English Sub][35 KB][B2E928CF].ass (35.0 KiB)
        • simsun.ttc (14.6 MiB)
This season only has 8 episodes?
Too bad only 8 !! Thank you very much
Thanks for everything.
Seems like tencent is really cutting some corners sadly. Seems like its a huge story not really getting the amount of episodes it would need to make it worthwhile.
@psypher108 it got cut cuz of the Chinese censorship laws, atleast s3 was announced
Thanks for everything !! Really enjoyed watching both seasons :D
it's weird, half of these files (the hardsub) doesn't work on my tv, the ep 2, 4, 6 and 8 !! The other ones are fine ! really strange....
Thanks for this--great series and glad S3 announced.
@fatedHiji Yeah its a bit of a shame. Commies are Godless but definitely not Gay! Shame they're ruining Kings Avatar however though
Thank you very much for this series & keeping it uploaded :) I have learned to see, choose & work out the best presented subs, especially with the first season (sub, revised -one I chose- or hardsub).. Just one small note/request for future: I like you black out the Chinese sub with shade very much but if you could put this shading fully left to right it would not be so distracting (especially on some contrast/player settings) . Bar that minor distraction...perfect, cheers :)
The Soft sub .ass files are numbered incorrectly. I recommend getting the Hard sub folder only.
Isn't there any better quality raw yet for this title? It's a shame to watch something so visually stunning like this in a visually poor quality release like this. Some BD-like level stuff would be pog.