Magic Knight Rayearth - Omnibus Edition v01-02 (2011-2012) (Digital) (BlurPixel-Empire)

2019-08-10 22:12 UTC
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Due to previous shares seeds are dead as well as the original files are scarce. I decided to upload the original files intact. Nothing has change. Everything is the same and credits to BlurPixel-Empire or anyone else that made this happen. DDL:!1NsR1IhI!xshxiUwQ1CvxTKw7hJ9SdA I put up the DDL just in case the seeds die in a few years. But if you decided to use DDL, Please seed it to at least 1.00 ratio. Let's keep this alive as long as possible. I will start uploading a couple of shares as well. As well as a Game with complete DLC on PC that I think a lot of people will like ^^ Enjoy! ![alt text]( "Logo Title Text 1") ![alt text]( "Logo Title Text 1")

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SomaHeir (uploader)

If you want more Magic Knight Rayearth Goodness Here's the Game (DDL on comments) Artbook Anime BD: I recommend kuchikirukia's release I want to find a working seed for the OST, but ffshrine is down right now. Just got to wait a bit and I'll have access again for the old Anime music shares.
I will help look for the OST. I may post the BDMV for the show. Love that fact your sharing now. Good Job. & Thanks.
Thanks for this.
SomaHeir, your anime link leads to Revolutionary Girl Utena. While that's a good anime, it's still not [MKR](

SomaHeir (uploader)

My mistake. So just use xPearse ones as well.
First of all, thanks!!! A newbie question: How to ask to Son of Ultron to repost certain comics that cannot be downloaded ( "File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server") ??? Thanks for help!