[Sega Saturn] Magic Knight Rayearth [English]

2018-10-31 18:07 UTC
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![Image](https://66.media.tumblr.com/9c46092802c1af075a1590440d73b800/tumblr_ova0q6XURj1resubdo1_500.jpg) **Title**: Magic Knight Rayearth **Genre**: action RPG **Year**: Japan 1998-05-25; English Version 1998-11-30 **Developer**: SEGA **Publishers**: Working Designs **Language**: English **Description**: The overall plot is very similar to the first story arc in the manga and anime, with eight-grade girls Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououji finding themselves drawn from their respective field trips to the Tokyo Tower into the world of Cephiro. There, Master Mage Clef inform them that, in order to return to Tokyo, the three girls must become the Magic Knights and rescue Cephiro's current Pillar, Princess Emeraude (named as Princess Emerald in the English version), from her abductor, the high priest and antagonist Zagato (named as Zagat in the English version). All of the characters from the first arc of the manga are present in the game, as well as anime-exclusive character Inouva. However, the game presents several new locations and characters, thus considerably expanding the overall plot. The player can also read each of the girls' journals, which receive new entries after key events in the game, providing their individual insights on the events. **Important**: Rquested by SomaHeir. **!!!** Tested on SSF_012_beta_R4. **Screenshots**: ![Image](https://r.mprd.se/media/images/339-Magic_Knight_Rayearth_%28U%29-7.jpg) ![Image](https://r.mprd.se/media/images/339-Magic_Knight_Rayearth_%28U%29-5.jpg) ![Image](https://r.mprd.se/media/images/339-Magic_Knight_Rayearth_%28U%29-6.jpg) ![Image](https://r.mprd.se/media/images/339-Magic_Knight_Rayearth_%28U%29-11.jpg) ![Image](https://r.mprd.se/media/images/339-Magic_Knight_Rayearth_%28U%29-10.jpg)

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huh, interesting.
This game is for PC or Sega Saturn Emulator?
sega saturn...


Works on OpenEmu too, great game
**@Important: Rquested by SomaHeir.** You are a God MAN!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I am moved right now. Thank you so much!! I am so happy right now!!! You really made my week :) Will seed for sure!!!!!
Don't forget to download the patched version which fixes the stupid US changes and reverts back to the JPN changes. Thanks to Supper from romhacking https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=23436.240 http://www.mediafire.com/file/uig48pybltb43wb/Magic+Knight+Rayearth+Un-Worked+Design+v0.zip "This game had a lot of particularly nasty and insidious changes. Aside from doing 2x-5x more damage, nearly every enemy and projectile in the game moves faster in the US version, and fixing that mostly involved restoring constants that were directly embedded in the code instead of being in neat little tables like in some games. I managed to automate the bulk of the work, but I still had to find and fix quite a few things manually, so it's possible I missed something despite repeated verification playthroughs. At the very least, this fixes the vast majority of the issues, and I'm hopeful that I managed to find everything." Though It's not sure if this will be compatible for the undub version. If someone can combine the new patch + undub with using this version of SuperImo as base. This would be the ultimate version out there! Hope someone can do someday!
Here's a DDL version of this share. https://mega.nz/#!IcUg3KBT!2vBDAcDdDP78TgehMC94OEe-xgcJ982YW0E2bQAcFkU This also includes the SNES fan translation, Gameboy(only partially translated) as well as the patch that was uploaded in the above post. Just in case, this loses seed. I've been seeding anyways ^^
I remember looking this up a long time ago, and none of this guys patches are compatible with anything but the original unaltered games.