[Desu] Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Universal Conflict Arc Part 1 (Episodes 7-12) (1080p).mkv

2019-07-28 09:48 UTC
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Episode 13 got a new OP, so we did a new compilation for 7-12. One OP, one NEP. All credits are included. There are still plenty of seeds on the Prison Planet compilation (1-6) if you want that: https://nyaa.si/view/1106868 Episode 13: https://nyaa.si/view/1158006 Episode 14: https://nyaa.si/view/1162655 And that's it. There's a full series playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL35NmjJCichYvyUgCFQFb3dfpenxMLSzp

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  • [Desu] Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Universal Conflict Arc Part 1 (Episodes 7-12) (1080p).mkv (3.1 GiB)
I thought this would be one seamless episode, but it stops everytime to show the credits and the title card. What's the point of this?

420666969 (uploader)

It cuts the extra OPs and NEPs. The credits are different for each episode. This is all in the description.
Thanks, I actually have eyeballs. I mean, you edited to remove OPs and NEPs, why not go the extra mile and remove the credits, title cards and make the transitions seamless? Because as it stands, this edit is pretty much useless.

420666969 (uploader)

Just because it's useless for you doesn't mean it's useless for others. For me, an episode without all its vital information is useless. The credits are vital information. The title cards are vital information. The extra OPs and NEPs are not vital information, so they can go, and that saves a lot of space. If you have eyeballs, then maybe just don't download things you don't want to download when the details in the description clearly show that it's not something you want and then whine about it like a child in the comments.
`Just because it’s useless for you doesn’t mean it’s useless for others.` Exactly! Thank you guys
I'm the child, yet you're the one throwing an hissy fit about a negative comment. If you're editing episodes together, title cards and credits in between immediately turn into non vital information. You either watch each episode one by one, or you could have a seamless viewing experience. You made a weird in between where the flow is cut every 7~9 minutes with credits and title cards. If you can't see a problem with that, then you have absolutely no editing vision. Instead of a cool fan edit, you made a collage.
This would be an excellent idea for DragonBall Z, to better enjoy the story without having to watch all 291 episodes. Just make compilations out of each arc, and include the TV specials.
Thank you! I thought about the same thing that other guy said before, but then I realized the credits are different and the titles cards don't take up much time. The OPs and EPs are so vital to have removed because they take up an unnecessary amount of time compared to how long each episode is. I definitely appreciate you putting this into a compilation format after each arc, and while I'm at it, for all the individual releases you've done too.
The credits could have just been edited into a compilation at the end, would have made for a better flow.
How about, instead of complaining, just download the individual episodes and make your own compilation?
@Mrperson0 what makes you think I'm not already doing that?
@JohnnyOak the fact that you've written about 10 desktop lines going on about how you didn't like this edit despite basically no one caring about what you prefer
Hey, Can you give us a CRC checksum for this release? Thanks! :)
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