[Desu] Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Prison Planet Arc (Episodes 1-6) (1080p).mkv

2019-01-02 02:01 UTC
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The dialogue has been completely retimed by sangofe. Two episodes were only released as 720 but those were upscaled to fit the 1080p videos rather than the other way around. (It looks fine.) The promo for the next arc is included.

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  • [Desu] Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Prison Planet Arc (Episodes 1-6) (1080p).mkv (1.7 GiB)
Is there anything else in this different from the individual episodes? Please do mention everything that is different in this release. Thanks. And, please release your version of the final DBS Broly trailer.
Are there English dubbed?
@ab8895 This is a Japan-exclusive so as far as it goes for English releases, you can watch this subtitled or as is in Japanese.

420666969 (uploader)

There were a few very minor dialogue changes but I didn't feel they were worth mentioning. I will put together a trailer package soon; I have a few other things I have to do first.

420666969 (uploader)

NEPs were removed except for the last one, and only the first OP was used. Each episode's credits are preserved. All game ads were cut.
Any reason why you combined them into a seamless episode?
Please release an unedited version of this. Removing next episode previews and openings is still editing.
THANK YOU for stitching them. Very comfy.
Could you please redo this video with H.264 Profile Level 4.1, like you did with this one, https://nyaa.si/view/1162657? The video is a 1080p@29.970fps one, so no need for Level 5.0 at all!