(MACHINE TRANSLATED) Gekijouban Danmachi - Orion no Ya (2019) [U-NEXT WEB-DL 720p AVC AAC].ass

2019-07-08 13:52 UTC
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I just made some minor correction and eliminate all SHE/HE mistakes. I gave the name of this sub same as the raw file. Original sub are "[Typo] DanMachi Moive - Orion no Ya". If you do not like it, do not download, i do not care about any opinion :)

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  • [U3-Web] Gekijouban Danmachi - Orion no Ya (2019) [U-NEXT WEB-DL 720p AVC AAC].ass (89.2 KiB)
stop uploading google translated subs you idiots
fucking stop with this shit already
Please. Ban machine translations. That way we prevent people just uploading edited versions of shitty incorrect subs. I'm tired of these floodgates that U3's machine translation opened.
total crap please be aware we wont accept this kind of trash, it is not opinion but fact that machine translations murder Japanese and other complex languages. They make us Laugh out lout! We take the time to learn good english try to have respect the other way thank you me
so much elitist hate on this. the op don't give af about your opinion. :}}}}
Apparently it's "elitist" to want translations done by people who understand Japanese now, lmao
It definitely helps to read the description. Instead of wasting all that energy and time complaining why not make something better ffs. Until then this is the next best thing to the next best thing. smh
Doesn't get much clearer than, "(MACHINE TRANSLATED GARBAGE)" but they still cry. lol.
>Doesn’t get much clearer than, “(MACHINE TRANSLATED GARBAGE)” but they still cry. lol. FYI, I added that to the title. It used to not say machine translated garbage.
So you know it's garbage, but decided to upload it anyway. Great.
>Doesn’t get much clearer than, “(MACHINE TRANSLATED GARBAGE)” but they still cry. lol. is it hard being this stupid? i actually imagine it's not. when your brain is operating at that low a level, it probably can't even notice that something is wrong.
>So you know it’s garbage, but decided to upload it anyway. Great. Are you braindamaged?
herkz-chan don't underestimate the power of baka weebs
@martinxk Fuckin' stop with this trash already!!!!!!!
wrong thread LOL
@ZippyDSMlee do you speak Japanese?
>back in the day it took months to get something this good i'm pretty sure google translate wasn't much slower to use in the past
+1 for banning machine translations. Just like bit-starved re-encodes are banned I see no reason to allow low-quality machine translations, there's no real effort involved and it's just a waste of time and a flood of poor uploads that will only confuse the people searching for decent subs.
CheekyKoala I R dumb, wrong thread my bad, the other one(gltich) is not THAT bad its enough to follow along if you've watched enough anime and have lose understanding of words and situations/things , even if you can spot half the mistakes. Mind you I am learnign disabled and my brain is a word soup of randomly close but not right definitions/meanings to words.Its funny grammar is the one thing my OCD won't let me worry over... probly due to the trauma I had in school over grammar... herkz oh plz some of the faster or newer sub groups were as randomly bad even a bit worse than HS rips which are basic translations if that, these are basically no worse than the worst subs we got back in late 90s or mid 00s, still the best subs are a different world but they take forever to get the karaoke,timing and grammar down,as they should.

martinxk (uploader)

Thanks for everyone for the nice complaints :) Although, i at last dared to watch the anime with the GARBAGE sub. From the beginning to the very end. I corrected some mistranslations, genre related words, terms. Me, who are a part of people who not speak the language of Shakespeare, using some knowledge of understanding most used japanese words, i guess it is enough to enjoy the show. Of course, if someone professional comes out with a decent translation i will change it and watch it again. It was not my task to judge Typo for the original, it is up to you guys. As some old guy said once..... "Road to hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs" :D PS: Timing fit to the [U3-Web] Gekijouban Danmachi - Orion no Ya (2019) [U-NEXT WEB-DL 720p AVC AAC] release OOps, i forgot one him (0:11:49.88)
Why so many doggo barking at here? Chill dude. i even not download dis file. But.. u can Just take it or leave.
The comments section is for critique and commentary, so implying that people should just not do either of those is stupid.
Whether or not machine translated subs are currently against the rules, this constant stream of admitted-to-be-recycled-shit needs to stop. Given how all of these are using the same source files, I’m inclined to simply call them spam and think they should be treated accordingly. Can we please get a mod’s confirmation on whether the spam restriction can be applied, at least in this recent case with all of the Memory Snow robo-vomit?