[U3-Web] Gekijouban DanMachi : Orion no Ya (2019) [Movie][Multi-Subs][NFLX WEB-DL 1080p AVC E-AC-3(DDP5.1)] (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Arrow of the Orion / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka)

2019-07-06 10:52 UTC
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![db1a4a99-4162-4cdb-883b-4d82876cec78.jpg](https://i.loli.net/2019/07/06/5d206462793b250437.jpg) ### Gekijouban DanMachi: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Arrow of the Orion - / 劇場版 ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか -オリオンの矢- (2019) http://danmachi.com/movie/ https://www.netflix.com/title/81101468 **Video:** AVC(H.264) Main 1080p (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Audio:** Japanese E-AC-3(Dolby Digital Plus) 5.1ch 640 Kbps (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Subtitle:** Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, English [SubRip] *** Comment: **untouched WEB-DL from Netflix** **Enjoy !** *** ### Enjoy. This will be unseeded for a small amount of time (just leave it queued up in your client, no big deal!) *** **Join our Discord!** **https://discord.gg/fr3AEQA** **Telegram:** **https://t.me/U3_Project_BDPlan_Release** *** ![db1a4a99-4162-4cdb-883b-4d82876cec78.jpg](https://i.loli.net/2019/07/01/5d198410a207a55006.jpg)

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That's a long torrent title. Thanks.
Does the multi sub MKV has English subs encoded into it? Or I gotta fuse them separately?
@ADISKING1 this is softsubs muxed in the mkv , you can also load external english sub in your video player
Hmm, these don't seem to be proper english subs. More like subs for the deaf or something.
Advising to skip this version, wait for official ones/wait for a group to release an actual version.
The english subs are horrendous. Looks like google translate. I recommend to wait for proper subs. But hey many people here don’t care about quality anyway.
So if you ask for chocolate ice cream and I give you unflavored ice cream and a bar of chocolate that's good right? ie this is not english translated anime, it's anime + an additional english translation (that based on other comments is a garbage attempt at translation)
This is official subs. From Netflix. Garbage, but still official
Impossible, these have to be japanese netflix subs put into google translate. Because I literally can't imagine netflix being full of easy to avoid grammatical errors.
These are official english subs ???
@bassgs435 you sure these are netflix subs? they use He for hestia. You 100% sure?
These are NOT official english subs. Like I said, if they are official subs, they are official JAPANESE subs which are put into google translate afterwards, so you've got a google translated version of official subs. It is filled with grammatical errors in nearly every single line. Use your heads a bit please, it's not hard to figure out these aren't good and official english subs.
Watching Brazilian Portuguese subs (´・ω・`)
They are. U3 is a rip group. They ripped what Netflix has. What Netflix has done to get these subs? No idea. But this garbage is ripped from Netflix. Official subs CAN be bad. Just look at the official subs that came with the BDs for Nanoha Reflection and Detonation Why would U3, a rip group, suddenly start using google translate for subs instead of just uploading what's already there?
Official subs can be bad. You know this when you've been around at the early days of Crunchyroll.
bassgs435 Nanoha Detonation official subs were not bad at all. I did watch it and I did not see anything wrong
Then you can’t judge subs at all. Ron needed to basically start from scratch because over 200 lines were wrong. And almost anyone who watched those subs will tell you they’re bad
It is actually machine translated. As you can see [here](https://unogs.com/video/?v=81101468), the only subs on Netflix are Portuguese and Spanish.
Huh. Well , it said subrip on the torrent description and the spanish subs don't look much better, so I had no reason to doubt the english subs being official. Still "official subs are always good and never bad" is stupid. Edit: Giving the spanish subs another look, they do look better than the english subs. But they still have that weird "made for deaf people" feel with naming who is talking and describing the music and noises characters make
Please do not put machine translations into the english translated category in the future. I'll discuss with other staff whether we will ban all machine translations going forward, since they seemingly are only used for "First!!!11!1" clout shit.
1. The.... “made for deaf people”... is called 'Heared impaired'. Those are inserted on videos who need them. NOT are made 'simple' subs. 2. Someone knows if the seiyuu subs has at the beginning?
They literally are SDH subs, yes.
Thanks for the rip.
Portuguese and Spanish subs are fine, can really say anything about english, but a lot of the english subs for Netflix shows are SDH-like, they describe what is happening, as in sounds but not scenario like full SDH subs.
These English subs seem to be some bastard compilation of machine translation for the hearing impaired edited by a Chinese speaker with limited knowledge of English. Confusing people and objects and getting gender wrong are common mistakes for them. I don't mean it in a negative way, they deserve credit for trying.
@CheekyKoala Yes!!! Also if possible could we get a sukebei art/anime translated category?
i have a netflix but i can't find this movie. i think its because of region locked. sad
Subs en Español corregidos para el que ocupe https://mega.nz/#!DuQgAKLK!Q_XWkGHX3N8HJpUC0cU5YYMFfAXn5FURzRLrz1dkI2A
Sweet !! Yeah download takes a while to start, but no biggie :)) TIP: Use the 2nd audio soundtrack, sounds way better than the default one imo [could be just me]
so do mean there official japanese subtitles for this where i can find it ?
these good enough to watch or should i wait?? i have time to kill so not in hurry to watch
@Hakisak >@CheekyKoala Yes!!! Also if possible could we get a sukebei art/anime translated category? This is unlikely to ever happen, because any new category would mean we'd need to recategorise tens of thousands of torrents.
I did a restyle based on BlurayDesuYo's main font dialogue. Based on the English transcript done by Yuzuki https://nyaa.si/view/1157737 Had to also adjust the timing for this source especially some 3 line I had to break that triggered me. Did a few timing correction but didn't want to go all out as I'm sure somebody else is gonna do that, so I did not want to put that must time into this. I also did a few line correction there may be more typos and stuff. Note that its based on the 720p source of this also from U3 https://nyaa.si/user/U3-Web?f=0&c=0_0&q=%5BU3-Web%5D+Danmachi So I can't promise if the timing will be fine on this one as I didn't download this so if this has the seiyuu at the start and all that it might be alright. If it's not you can simply shift them all and use the end key frame and timing should be fine https://www10.zippyshare.com/v/Pbxt6Mey/file.html
Ignore my comment above. Yuzuki has updated their script to include multi-styles, link: https://nyaa.si/view/1157737