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2019-07-03 19:31 UTC
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IDK what's going on with Erai so we had to use Ohys-Raws for this final episode. We'll wait a few days before uploading the batches with the hope that we can make a v2 of episode 13 with Erai raws. Few words from us: Lukas: "Sorry for the delay but this episode was a little too much to handle." Alvoso: "I really hope this never gets a second season." And I can fully agree with them. Thanks for watching our release! HorribleSubs release Raws: Ohys Translation: Thundra Timing: Lukas Typesetting: Lukas Editing, quality check: Lukas, Alvoso

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  • [ThundraSubs] Gunjou no Magmel - 13 [720p].mkv (392.5 MiB)
Thank you for all your hard work :)
Finally Thanks
Thanks a lot !
Good job, soldiers! I totally agree with you. I hope it doesn't get a second season.
I don't know if I liked this or not, but thanks.
Many thanks :)
Thank you guys!
I don't really understand the wide dislike I've seen for this title. It wasn't the greatest but at least it's more interesting and different than the seemly non stop parade of yaoi / yuri / "relationship drama" that's being regurgitated in mass on HorribleSubs for awhile now....To each his own I would normally say any other time but the ratio is getting outta hand. lol
@MrCrazyGood cmon dude ! as long as you enjoy the show, it pointless to care about others. internet this day become more and more like an industrial waste dumping site. look at most of reviews from many well known website or youtube this day, there are nothing but bs and no knowledge on what they review. the golden age is long gone.
@Thundra https://nyaa.si/view/1156025
It was fun forwarding through this episode in a matter of 3 minutes...not.
I will miss it
Thanks a whole lot for sticking with this show all the way through, despite what most seem to think of it. I genuinely enjoyed this show so I appreciate all the work and effort that went into the subtitles!
@boneknocker Yea I know, It's been real obvious for a long while now. I just post like this every once in awhile to see if it will get any "legitimate responses" lol. I really like the idea and setup of the story cause it has a lot of potential, like someone posted somewhere about this being comparable to a hunter x hunter kinda manga with 80 characters already introduced in the original Chinese so far. I do find it really weird though that there is only 1 volume available in English, I mean so many volumes of the original Chinese is out already and only one has been translated....idk
Thanks for subbing.
Thanks for subbing the whole thing, but I wish the show's staff hadn't made the dumb decision to spend most of the 13 episodes on filler instead of following the original webcomic, which is past chapter 90. I'd still watch a second season, though.
Thanks lads, this show was special. I'm glad it happened.
You know how marshmallows are awesome and marshmallow peeps aren't? This was like marshmallow peeps.
Not cool, dnbdave. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for ur hard work!