[PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 03 (WEB 720p AAC) [958B95F8].mkv

2019-04-25 14:55 UTC
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EDIT: [emergency v2 patch](https://mega.nz/#!haY1AKxY!2Dn2fkxeqUuwa6HtUcerhzcXhX966sYEjBSzx-KIClM) to fix a translation error of a throwaway line caused by miscommunication between editor and tl Enjoy your drop mars! Reference note on blog, #pa-subs@irc.rizon.net Recruiting competent translators to save more anime. Contact KoolKidsK on IRC or KoolKidsK#8146 on discord if interested. XDCC available on IRC TL: Myaamori TLC: kumo8 Edit: Lann Timing: Alen Insert Styling: colgatto "Typesetting": Myaamori (lol) Encode: KoolKidsK QC: QQwerty, KoolKidsK Special thanks: joletb

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  • [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 03 (WEB 720p AAC) [958B95F8].mkv (311.9 MiB)
See this first thing, Thank you so much as I do look forward to this & it looks like I had to wait no time at all :) Guess n hope this show will continue being supported. Thanks.
I'm really looking forward this series. Thanks for the great work
Great torrents, High quality subtitles. Much appreciated.
I love you, PAS! Thanks!
thanks for the subs
thanks for the grubs
Based PAS as always.
Wow! Great subs and so fast too!! Thanks a lot and please keep up the good work. You guys have saved this anime.
Really good encode, no audio setting issue (as I had with raw n a few newer video encodes recently). Size, compatibility, subs all great (& in one file, lol :) Now downing your 1 n 2 eps. Many thanks. Cheers
Could someone please provide me the subtitle file of the patched v2? TIA.
Thanks (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪
@random_bigInteger https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/411952567795449867/571012036281237507/PAS_Carole__Tuesday_-_03v2_WEB_720p_AAC_A320E671_track3_eng.ass
@eXmendiC Thanks a lot!!
Thanks, you're doing great job!
Thanks a lot for the karaoke helper during the singing scenes.


Great work, thanks!
Cheers, still getting my head into recent codecs. I tend to use Daum (will look into MPV) Episodes 2+3 are perfect , have an audio crackle on pcm (like raws) with ep1 but easily changeable to Lpcm n works fine (restart) unlike some TV video codecs creeping in (especially with 1080). Personally I prefer 720 for most Anime (1080 needs specific encoding i think & show/animation to benefit - just noticed can of worms on ep1 comments :) have my own gripes on Netflix lol). Anyway, this is the best version & if all continues as is (regardless of time of release) we will all be happily lucky. Greatly appreciate you bringing this show.
Thanks for ur hard work!!
Can someone put a mirror link for the patch? Thanks.


On macOS I'm getting the error "xdelta3: lzma decoding error: XD3_INTERNAL". It might just be helpful to release the v2 here on Nyaa… Thanks for providing the subtitle file, eXmendiC.
thank you so mars :v
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Carole and Tuesday....airs Thursdays, am disappoint.
♫ Round and Round ♪ Thanks PAS.