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2019-04-18 03:41 UTC
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English sub. Accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed. I am **not** the same person who subbed [episode 1]( Video: Erai-raws Drop Mars! ---------- PAS release is out! ----------

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  • Carole and Tuesday - 02 [English].ass (21.3 KiB)
>Accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed. i mean that's like the bare minimum you had to do but okay
>Accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed. Enjoy! Not to be an ass but why would you sub something if you're not at least a little certain you know what you're doing?
How come when you put いってきまーす (taken directly from the closed captions, which is just an elongated いってきます) into google translate, you get the same nonsensical translation you got of "drop mars"? lmao
>drop mars is that the new thing kids are saying these days
That "drop mars" lol.
>Ittekimasu = drop mars Maybe this is the way Martian say "I'm off"
@serenium @naru nggak boleh ngeledek gitu wkwkkwk
"Drop Mars" is a [verified translation]( lmao.
@yuuka ya maaf wkwkwk
That's how the Martian works. @Yuuka gw gak peduli.
一滴 マース
Why even bother when pas is doing a great job?
So should I download the episode or search for another sub?
@sunrider just wait PAS.
not too good, sad to say.
Subs are more than fine. Thank you for doing it (as thankless as may seem, very appreciated) - who else has, eh? Audio on video release no good on PCM, fine on LPCM. Here's hoping you keep up the good work (English subs alone is quite fine - just look for RAW or other language release). Great to be alble to watch this good show properly (don't do many musical anime, this is refreshing). CHEERS! :)
>i mean that’s like the bare minimum you had to do but okay From: Commie
PAS version will be out in several hours I believe quality is always better than speed (unless you are waiting for Live-Evil subs that is).
>Great to be alble to watch this good show properly are you really though
>Thank you for doing it - who else has, eh? This would make sense if there wasn't actually a real group subbing this. It's hard to be faster than google translate-powered speedsubs, but if speed is the only thing you have going for you... nice troll subs.
Hmmm, this is interesting :) Whole point of comments n community, forum etc. O K... Frankly I am amazed that Google have translate to the point it can even make sense of it (have tried older translate (no sub ap) which was awful and eventually (obv. way back when square wheels were fashion) they even made it disrupt layout so it made pain of short cutting srt. SO do get bare min comment but any help welcome. For me it is if it works (doesn't make you nonsensically groan etc) Properly as in sounds fine looks good and makes sense but I get what you mean. STILL can hardly believe the Tech is so useful a tool but you still need a person. We wouldn't have this greatly n great varied media anime without fan subbers. Always loved the community for that. I am an avid video phile (file? lol) which can helpin finding the odd unreleased thing. I see the easy translate is kind of affront to Fsub group but sure helpful as a tool. Many watchers see the up coming season schedule & hope to see eagerly. For this it is not all about who's first but IF & when. I.e. when do I come on to download & will it be continued? I suppose a note to release time would be reassuring but for me I do think this show is good (I don't usually go for song/idol anime n perhaps few too many seemingly aimless plotted school animes ...for me) amazed this not picked up mainstream. So I will gladly re set my schedule expectation & thank any one or group letting me watch it without straining a mind translation :) Thanks for the clarity :) (I'll shut up now lol)