[Anime Land] Dragon Ball Super Movie - Broly (Dual Audio) (BDRip 720p Hi444PP EAC3x2) [BC2874C1].mkv

2019-04-16 05:32 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/Pe3JW0q.jpg "Logo Title Text 1") **please tell me if there is any error, thank you!** **Revised version.** **`preset veryslow, crf 15, qcomp 0.8`** ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ ✵ Source: BD50 (USA) ✵ BDMV Provider: Zanros@U2 ✵ Video: H264 Hi444PP 720p ✵ Audio: Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3) 768 Kbps 5.1 (JPN & ENG) ✵ Subtitle: PGS ENGLISH-Sub ✵ Chapters: yes ✵ Encoder: Omar ✵ Server & Upload: MegaMan ✵ Info: [MAL](https://myanimelist.net/anime/36946) - [IMDB](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7961060) ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/a4SkWh6.png "Logo Title Text 1") ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/1s5hxf3.png "Logo Title Text 1") ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/lp3E3VX.png "Logo Title Text 1") ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/6mVBeKR.png "Logo Title Text 1") ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/gATLVG0.png "Logo Title Text 1") ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

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  • [Anime Land] Dragon Ball Super Movie - Broly (Dual Audio) (BDRip 720p Hi444PP EAC3x2) [BC2874C1].mkv (5.1 GiB)
I can't play it with VLC player...
أرجوا إعادة رفع هذا التورنت من فضلكم [Anime Land] Sword of the Stranger (BDRip 720p Hi10P AC3) RAW [21B9F539].mkv https://nyaa.si/view/892819

An-Land (uploader)

@zadkieI use Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC)
But i want to use VLC :/

An-Land (uploader)

@zadkieI download 1080p version it will work with VLC
Hey all, I merged the 1080p non green-tinted video from the leaked MangaUK torrent (from this torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1118266) with the 5.1 English audio from the Funimation release that I time corrected (from this torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1135762) The audio is FLAC 5.1, just like the original. I extended the audio length by 0.1% (which is the difference in video length between the MangaUK and Funimation releases when you factor out the MangaUK intro and the slight difference in FPS that makes the Manga UK version about 5 seconds shorter, this made the audio about 5 seconds longer total to sync with the Manga UK video) and delayed it by 12.481 seconds, which is what I found to best account for the MangaUK intro and match the video (took me more time to find that than I care to admit). I also mixed in the audio from the MangaUK intro into the English audio, so you don’t even notice that it isn’t official. All Lossless, no compression. This also includes the original JP 5.1 track, along with time adjusted Funimation subs for just the signs for English audio, and subs for the whole movie from the MangaUK release. IF YOU ARE WATCHING THE MOVIE WITH HEADPHONES OR STEREO SPEAKERS, MAKE SURE VLC IS OUTPUTTING THE SOUND AS “STEREO” INSTEAD OF “ORIGINAL” SO IT IS DOWNMIXED PROPERLY AND SOUNDS MUCH BETTER (so much it’s ridiculous). THIS IS WHY IT SOUNDED SO BAD IN CERTAIN THEATERS. To do this, in VLC click on the “Audio” tab, then “Stereo Mode”, then “Stereo”. This link is the .mkv video file: https://mega.nz/#!SHx0AajJ!wm0kIblgV6TY6dX64Wlh8VV21IT10Y_KpGcJxKc0qOk This link is the movie in a renamed .zip file in case the video file gets deleted: https://mega.nz/#!nOxyXQya!wTUASRb-h2ikTTfas1H8BeRHIdmQRCZ2wtMpIzCaQkw I think its pretty spot on, but if you notice anything off about the English audio and video sync, or have suggestions, let me know. I don’t know how to upload a torrent file :/ so I’m posting this on several DBS: Broly torrents so people can see.
******UPDATE******* Torrent is out! Wasn't as hard to make as I thought lol https://nyaa.si/view/1137641