[U3-Web] Dragon Ball Super The Movie: Broly (2018) [AMZN WEB-DL 1080p AVC E-AC-3(DDP5.1)] [English-Subs] [Japanese Audio] - 映画「ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー」

2019-02-12 10:39 UTC
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Dragon Ball Super the Movie: Broly / 映画「ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー」 (2018) http://www.dbmovie-20th.com/ | https://www.funimationfilms.com/movie/dragonballsuper/ **https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NLGB8KX/** **HD version : £11.99** **thanks mengy@U3-Web bought the video** **Video:** AVC(H.264) 1080p (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Audio1:** Japanese E-AC-3 5.1ch 640 Kbps (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Audio2:** Japanese E-AC-3 2.0ch 224 Kbps (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Subtitle:** **English** [SubRip] *** **Join our Discord!** **https://discord.gg/fr3AEQA** **Telegram:** **https://t.me/U3_Project_BDPlan_Release** *** Comment: ![dbsmovie_res.png](https://i.loli.net/2019/02/13/5c6379ef50dc9.png) **untouched WEB-DL from Amazon UK Video** **Enjoy ~** *** ![alt text](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81pnjlU3gUL.jpg "Dragon Ball Super the Movie: Broly(2018)")

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  • [U3-Web] Dragon Ball Super The Movie - Broly (2018) [WEB-DL 1080p AVC E-AC-3 SRT].mkv (5.0 GiB)
Is Audio good or like many other releases that just put Cam Rip audio on it ?
@Sh3nZeR, It's E-AC-3(DDP5.1) lol
I donno what that is lol. Sumaan. Sounds like its good. Thnx 😅
Dolby Digital Pro Logic. Means the sound is fucking awesome!
Potatohead subs?
Seems to be the official Steve Simmons subs.
Official subs but with dub spellings (Frieza etc)
@TandiBandi Hi. Do you have the newest TOEI remastered DB / DBZ movies (bluray ISO/BDMV)? Few moths ago you gave me access to your NAS for DB stuff :)
E-AC-3 = Enhanced AC-3 = DD+ = Dolby Digital Plus = DDP
awesome. couldnt watch the crappy screeners and didnt want to wait another few months for the bluray. Thanks a lot
Will any uploader of the screener leak will synchronize the English Audio with this?
So is this one or the other one the 'better' of the two 1080p versions? They look nearly identical except for the video.
Now it's time for someone to sync this footage with the English Dub
What's the difference between the HEVC release and this one (AVC)?
AVC = H264 HEVC = H265
@Blackhole It does sync for a couple of minutes but after a while it doesn't sync up. I tried it. Funimation did a little alteration on the movie like scene happened earlier like a couple of minutes in the dub than the original Japanese version.
@azozi98, AVC has higher size. HEVC has lower size with a little bit of quality loss, unnoticed, or none at at all. Also, HEVC not all devices are suppported since this is new.
Was the English dubbed version grabbed from Amazon UK as well?

U3-Web (uploader)

@NikoLiberty English dub version https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NL9LZPB/ it's also £11.99 , so we only bought the jp ver.
We'll have to wait & see if the English dub version shows up. :)

U3-Web (uploader)

@John_Rhogan78 >We’ll have to wait & see if the English dub version shows up. :) English dub version is available yesterday on Amazon UK (HD £11.99) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NL9LZPB/ However , they cancel it today JP version is also cancelled https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NLGB8KX/ >currently unavailable Our agreements with the content provider don’t allow purchases of this title at this time.
It seems that no one got the dubbed version as it was took down too early plus the English audio won't fully sync due to Funi tweaking the Digital release. It looks like we will have to wait for the official release now or hope that the audio can be replaced somehow.
I'm planning on syncing the screener audio, so we'll at least have something. Might be difficult, but I'll try.
For syncing the audio you have to slow down the English track by a bit and then align it with JP dubs audio such that it matches from start to end and works.Use the static audio transition around 1 min mark at start and the last section of ending song as reference for syncing.
@MikG95 That's work as well but there are events in the dub version that happen earlier than the original. Funimation did some tweaking on it.
@TVLover10 Which is why I said slow down the English track such that it syncs up with the video, the movie was on sync from start to the end after I did that.
I have some experience. I've synced the BLT dub to DVD and BD before, so this one should be a cinch. But I'm still looking for the ideal settings. Converting 26,706 to 23.976 (which corresponds to a Audacity Tempo Change of -1,022% if I'm not mistaken) isn't right. The dubbing differences I would try to fix manually, like I did with BLT before. @MikG95: By how much did you adjust the speed?
@MikG95 I get what you are saying but slowing things down doesn't work if waveform doesn't match. I also did a manual audio sync through video and few moments in the movie doesn't match between Dub and Japanese video. I tried doing it. I wouldn't be commenting this if I was successfully sync the audio without actually editing the video and re-rendering.
To me, the sync looked better without doing any slowing down. Also, with other releases, even with different fps's, the audio didn't need to get sped up or slowed down, syncing very nicely.
@pukulan10jurus Somewhere between 100 and 101% on Adobe Audition,really small change don't know how much accurately,just kept trying until it matched JP dub. @TVLover10 It wasn't just slowing down the audio but readjusting the track each time I slowed down audio by moving its position it to match JP dub audio that I did,I didn't notice anything wrong with my sync. Obviously I would suggest watching with JP dub with it's Dolby Quality but if you want English dub then as far as I know this is the best you can get.
@MikG95 : Hmm, it's probably the same 1,022% then...
Here's perfectly synchronized English Dub from SimonCowell's Screener (V2 audio). I just added Manga UK intro sound and Ending song replaced from AMZN japanese audio. Download: https://www101.zippyshare.com/v/ynJCAqNA/file.html
@Revan I tried your.video yet for some reason, no video appears but the sound is there.
Maybe that's because it's a sound-only file? :D :P If it's indeed perfectly sync, I should release a dual audio somewhere tomorrow, after I checked it and resynced some foreign subs (Dutch and Indonesian) and had a good night's sleep.
From what I can tell, it works perfectly. Used MKVToolNix to Merge them and I haven't noticed any distortion or delay of any kind so far.
Although, if you open it in Audacity and compare with the original file you do notice some very weird shit. Dunno if Jason (accidentally) did that, or that it was an encoding thing. Either way, gonna do one myself. @Revan: Do you remember your settings for slowing down, by any chance?
Can't remember because I imported videos and audio tracks from both files. I did it in Premiere and exported audio only.
I can now confirm than you should NOT slow down the audio. Just undo the "tweaking" mentioned earlier.
Weird cause slowing it down is how it synced for me or else English audio starts going ahead of the visuals Well @Revan's file works too so use that if you want English Dub,don't know if he slowed down as well or it just worked with whatever he did.
Could you post your file? Maybe the 1,022% calculation is wrong or the fps was changed before encoding of the screener. Either way, it's pretty easy to sync. I've done much harder ones. (like speedy dbz movie 4 to dbox) If you compare Revan's file to the original (yellow-ish) leaked file, it becomes really clear that something was done to it, so I prefer starting over from scratch. Audio quality is bad enough already. But I'll figure something out. And if anyone knows a slowing down percentage that works, I'll be happy to hear it. But to me, it looks like syncing the untouched file is easier. I've sped up/slowed down audio before, but then I always knew the correct values... I've never successfully guessed a fps.
Premiere says that I slowed it down to 99,89%.
what is the difference ? Audio1: 5.1ch 640 Kbps [ smaller sound ] Audio2: 2.0ch 224 Kbps [ louder sound ]
@pukulan10jurus I deleted it considering how Revans' file was similar to mine except including ending credits from JP dub for English dub.Just follow what I said in my first comment to get to where I was. I had to stretch out and slightly move English audio by slowing it a bit down to match Web-rip's visuals/JP-Dubs audio. @Densetsu Audio 1 is suitable if you have a 5 speaker system and Audio 2 is for 2 speaker/headphones.
@Revan: Thanks! That looks a lot better, starting work on it now!
@MikG95: There's still Funi's "tweaking", but I'll undo that as good as I can. Thanks, both of you!
Did anyone try timing PotatoHead's subs to this? The ones included here are pretty fucking horrible.
Say what?! With all due respect, but they are much better than potatohead's.
@Raiyan23 You didn't stop uploading stuff, did ya? You busy or sumthn