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2019-04-11 04:52 UTC
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English sub. Accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed. I don't have a time to proofread and further edits so grammars maybe bad. There's japanese closed caption commented in the sub if you want to make a better translation. Video: erai-raws [1134201](https://nyaa.si/view/1134201) [1134203](https://nyaa.si/view/1134203). =============== The real sub is come: [1134459](https://nyaa.si/view/1134459)

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  • [Anonymous] Carole and Tuesday - 01 [English].ass (33.5 KiB)
Will be waiting for PAS.
thanks. this is good enough.
Hope you continue this!
Despite a few grammatical errors, the subs were accurate and understandable. Good work and please keep it up.
Thank you for your effort! :)
>Accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed. why even bother? PAS is gonna release it soon and it's gonna be better than this.
i think the better question is why would you watch this shit in the first place
why are you people so bad, if you don't want to watch using this sub don't and stop complaining, thank you for your effort and keep it up, please :)
@mirou I agree. I was way too excited to wait for PAS so I was pretty stoked someone made a sub so quickly. And rewatching with better subs is still pretty fun - you notice things you didn't before. And you get to stare at the animation more.
@belle_desu yea! I even watched without a sub at first xD now I will just rewatch the ep since PAS released it, also this sub was pretty understandable and that's the purpose of a sub.
and if you watch anime long enough you sometimes dont even need a sub just because you understand some words and you can guess the context yourself
this is pretty good enough.
Quite like having another view of the dialogue even if literal, but guess as no 3 removed this will pass. Cheers for adding though :)