[Commie] No Game No Life Zero [BD 1080p AAC] [00000000].mkv

2018-12-25 15:40 UTC
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9.5 GiB
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  • [Commie] No Game No Life Zero [BD 1080p AAC] [00000000].mkv (9.5 GiB)
Thanks! Merry Christmas!
> Merry Commie-mas.[00000000]
Much appreciated.
Unexpected releases, but thanks
Nice thanks. Finally i can watch this movie
"[00000000]" is wonderful
>commie these are troll subs. do not download
I avoid commie on principle
based as fuck
>Comeme but, why?
I download commie on principle
Just because ;)
Hey guys, quality wise, I would like to state that this release has a few less colors in certain areas like trees when compared to other releases side-by-side (shades of colors are lumped together?). Also this release is zoomed in ever so slightly (a few pixels) both vertically and horizontally. The file size could also be smaller, as there are 5 gig releases that look the same and don't have these drawbacks. The best release of this movie I have found so far is this one: https://nyaa.si/view/1064160 It does have a filter applied to make it look less "blurry", and the lines are thinner, but I have not found the same quality anywhere else.
I don't know japanese. So i cannot evaluate exactly how accurate is the translation. But the dialogs make sense. I remember many criticism in message boards and comment sections and look like these subs are coherent with what people was complaining about. And are similar to the "fixed" subs released time ago by some other dude: https://nyaa.si/view/1033822 So doesn't look like troll subs or something worst than the US BDs subs.
@hygkolk You are stupid to think Cleo looks better lol.
No 5.1 audio so garbage release. If you can't include the audio the movie was mastered in, why bother.