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2018-05-05 12:44 UTC
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Re-translated an existing .ass sub for a friend so that he would watch the movie. Thought I would share it with the community. Enjoy. Edit: I received the original sub file from someone so I am not sure whose sub they originally belong to but if it is from animeisdead then thanks, I would not have translated the movie if I had to worry about the timing, and the original sub also saved me time on not having to translate everything.

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  • no game no life sub.ass (130.7 KiB)
No Game No Life Zero - Name
This actually fixes I think most of the translation horrors there were in the other copies. At last a decent translation to work with? One part I think would have been better is changing the Flugels' attack name "Heavens' strike" to something like "Divine strike" (or some other god related name) in that last attack they do with Artosh because it's not the same attack at all and sounds way better and more dramatic in such an epic moment.
Can this be uploaded to some sort of direct download link or seeded again? Also I haven't watched the movie yet, but everyone kept saying how bad the other subs are. Are these really that much better? Is the uploader fluent in japanese?
Thanks for sharing. Waiting for something that's not a 1:1 transcription of the dub has been killing me. Even if this is based on the old subs, I'm glad someone has taken the time to go through and fix obvious errors.