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2018-02-03 06:40 UTC
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Timed to [#999678]( Repeat: USE THIS VIDEO FILE: <>. Mainly retranslated from the Chinese subs, and this is my first time subbing, so please don't expect quality. I just thought it's better than no subs at all. Feel free to modify and improve on this. DDL: [GitHub]( | [Pastebin](

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@UM can you do the quality eng subbing for this movie too?
It's too difficult Senpai 🤣😄
Thank you Uchimaki, I will try using these and making "quality" subs, though I don't know if what I can do will be better. the timing will help me a lot, too.
counting on you @ericfromabeno! (thanks OP as well for the base translation though)
yeah, it's looking really good. I might even be able to learn some new things from UchiMaki .... like how to do "Suzu Head" tricks... I haven't had a chance to look at the file too much, yet, with other things to deal with, but what I saw looks nice. ^_^
Thank you.
which raw i have to use with this sub?
mad savior, these subs would work with any of the seitokai yakuindomo movie videos you can find right now.... as of february 2018 the only ones available are all 1080p, with hardsubbed chinese on them, and a watermark on the top right corner... I haven't seen any other version available. there are multiple copies of this version around, but they are all identical as far as quality. so this fansub works with any of them. in a month or two, when the official japanese bluray goes on sale in Japan, and someone uploads THAT, these subs will STILL work with it. The only difference will be that these subs are shifted so they don't sit on top of chinese hardsubs. What we'll want to do is shift the subtitles back to the top edge and bottom edge of the screen, once we don't have hardsubs in the way. but that's a matter of seconds to fix, for someone who knows how... These subs, as they are, make the movie perfectly watchable, thanks to Uchimaki. I am trying to make them "cleaner" or nicer looking, but really it's mostly a question of speaking style and maybe some nicer effects, if I can make them look right... You don't have to wait to enjoy the movie. Just do a search for Yakuindomo Movie, in the "raws" category, and pair these subs to that video, and enjoy.

0x89537541 (uploader)

@mad_savior Please read the torrent description. @ericfromabeno My user name is 0x89537541. You may call me hex89 for short, but calling me Uchimaki would probably be very confusing.
sorry, I did get confused.. 0_0 I thought the uploader was Uchimaki for some reason... Anyway, thanks, Hex89. I am relieved that timing is not something I have to worry about much now, (except for untranslated signs, and so on... and I can play with aegisub and try to understand how to make things pretty. though i'm still levels below fansubbers who've been typesetting for years... I am still unable to make curved subtitles, which would be very nice for all the "suzu head" signs, etc... but oh well. maybe I will find the answer to that eventually. Other than that, I'm just changing some of the language... not that the translations are wrong (only a couple odd ones) but the way I say things and the way you say things are different, so I'm kind of putting my "voice" into the subs. One thing to note, the timings are based on the appearance and disappearance of the chinese subs. Which is fine, it looks natural that both sets of subs should appear and disappear at the same times. But the chinese subs often do not match up quite correctly with the voices they're representing, so when the official bluray comes out, more timing adjustments will have to be made so that the subs don't seem odd to people who didn't ever download the chinese hardcoded version. But that's a problem that can wait until next month. I am being slow, unfortunately for anyone waiting on me... I really recommend, if you're feeling impatient, to go ahead and use these really nice subs to watch the movie. Mine won't be much better, and might even be worse in some places if my sense of conversational flow doesn't match the viewer's. I've been living in Japan so long now that the way Japanese people say things makes more sense to me than the way Westerners do, and it shows in my translations, as some people noticed.
[OsisBejat] Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie [HEVC][1080p][AAC][Chinese Hardsubs] this raw is fine to use with the subtitles?
yup. in fact, if you look at the uploader's original torrent info, he/she says "timed to" ...and then a link to a nyaatorrent file. It's the movie you just asked about.

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I've updated the torrent description to make it more obvious. Btw, I'm new here, do you get notified for new comments? 'Cause I don't.
nope. if you want to see whether people are commenting on torrents you've posted, you have to check back, yourself. At least, I haven't found a way to receive notices...
@0x89537541 if you are a Chinese to English translator then you are welcomed to join our group - HaxTalks. Discord: Cheers and keep up the good work.

0x89537541 (uploader)

@TalkedCracker Thanks for the offer but this is really a one-time thing. Plus I only speak Cantonese, so based on what HaxTalks has on here I probably won't be of help.