[finFAGs] Pop Team Epic - 01 (1920x1080 WEB AAC) [A0176128].mkv

2018-01-11 06:00 UTC
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*"The crappiest anime requires the lowest-effort release."* This here is the first episode of Pop Team Epic aka Poptepipic. **Features:** * h.264 + AAC * two audio tracks, A (male) and B (female) * fully chaptered * ***translated [OP](https://i.imgur.com/OrmuUxO.png) and [ED](https://i.imgur.com/FDBtbHB.png) (thanks to mPioin!)*** * [translated skit credits (creators)](https://i.imgur.com/rEdoMxn.png) * underappreciated [typesetting](https://i.imgur.com/c7cLikY.png) & [timing](https://i.imgur.com/xJnC3Jg.png) [effort](https://i.imgur.com/oCeFr82.png) * a crc32 hash because those are still cool and you can't convince me otherwise The duration is cut in half (just below 12m), since the original episode "airs" twice with different audio tracks. I've edited track B to be nigh sample-perfect with track A, plus or minus two samples here and there. I didn't notice any visual changes in the episode (other than the French section having subtitles in the second run), so you don't lose anything. Fingers crossed the future episodes will keep the shtick. Enjoy.

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  • [finFAGs] Pop Team Epic - 01 (1920x1080 WEB AAC) [A0176128].mkv (310.4 MiB)
this isn't a FAG batch
I appreciate this typesetting tbh.

finFAGs (uploader)

Correct, but this time around it's my choice of project, hence the drive. Np astral
?????????? good shit go౦ԁ sHit? thats ✔ some good??shit right??there???
>lowest-effort release nice meme
Little girls with chibi middle finga~ equals best animu!
You know, lowest-effort release, is not releasing at all mate...
>I didn’t notice any visual changes in the episode Rebroadcast sign. Also different credits. And the same episode playing twice is a gag of its own.
Song translation isn't an important part of the fansubbing process anyway.


@Tehe The effort to create the actual lowest effort release was not taken. @Cuan The rebroadcast sign is only visible for a short moment at the start of the re-run. I'm not seeing any changes in the credits (the ED song is in a different key/female singer(s), but it's the track B, visually there is no change). The re-run is indeed a gag, but as a low-effort release, I'm not fixing up the frame-timings for a duplicate episode. It's not "just" timeshifting them - I had to already fix the audio differences (the eyecatches have sliiightly different durations on track B), and I'm not going to do a half-assed timing copy. @herkz Correct. The important part is `\blur5`.
Reminder that crunchyderp don't know how to audio and you should've got it from literally anywhere else.
I could go for a BD batch of FAGs but I think this is also good.


@zsax, I compared against hidive's and [I'm not entirely convinced](https://i.imgur.com/axKyJsL.png), but I don't also mind CR's audio. What are you referring to? @CryoChill, someday, someyear. Surely.
Censored (CR) or uncensored (CR+BS11)? And yes, Hidive audio is much better.
@AMM: [1](https://my.mixtape.moe/uoatpg.m4a), [2](https://my.mixtape.moe/rogaol.m4a). Voices are simply too quiet in CR's audio, There's no need for spectrograms or anything but [here's one](https://i.imgur.com/jQ8Tf5O.png) in case someone likes graphics. Of course, you could argue that CR may be the "right" one but lol. Edit: [m9...](https://diff.pics/lwiO20swzRbt/1)
Thanks for your efforts, but I'll wait for BD release of this masterpiece...


@zsax Join the irc for the next episode if you want to affect the quality (or remake with a better encode). I heard the voices fine, and since my mpv debands by default, I didn't spot the banding since I didn't look for it. You work solo, you get solo results.
>Frame rate : 23.810 FPS Is this Horriblesubs' re-encode? ![](https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/425618/2.0)
>not fixing the framerate holy shit this release is good.
he's right, dialogues in cr were noticably too quiet in CR version.
"Having deband on for every source I also like having less details in my (already encoded and filtered) fansub encode :^)
Hmmmm there are slight differences between the two otherwise almost identical segments, but I guess this spliced version would suffice normal watcher lol. The differences are more prominent in the second episode.
This release is awesome and would be worth waiting for. Please continue!
Will you be releasing the rest of the episodes in the future?