[2CE04B17].mkv (Kimi no Na wa) (4K UHD) (English Dubbed Dual Audio)

2018-01-03 01:24 UTC
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![logo]( ``` Video Track: 2160p HDR HEVC H265 (CTR) Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 FLAC (HTT) Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 FLAC (HTT) Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English Signs (.ASS) (HTT) Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue (.ASS) (HTT) Chapters ``` [CTR Release Index]( **The video track here is an _untouched_ BD Remux from the HK UHD BD.** This includes the HDR metadata, which means non-HDR displays will have much darker video than expected. It has also been reported that the HDR included for your name is probably fake. Ask herkz for an explanation. If you just want to watch the movie and aren't looking for this specifically, go grab HTT's release [here]( instead. And yes, this isn't a true BDRemux since it uses converted audio and fansubs, but who wants the originals there anyway :^)

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  •[2CE04B17].mkv (49.9 GiB)
>uploading a release that you know is pointless deep

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I live to fill requests and waste the bandwidth of anyone silly enough to subscribe to my RSS feed :^)
It's from a BD ? lol
>fake HDR Herkz, explanation please.
It's not "fake" HDR, just done differently. I'm not an expert so I'll just copy and paste a comment from someone that knows what they are talking about. "The 4k upscale was handled by Q-tec (yes, that one that everyone goes “oh shit” about). The original DPX master given to them was a 1920×1080 file with 4:4:4 RGB and encoded in 10-bit. They took that and then upscaled it and graded it in HDR afterwards using FORS EX PICTURE, their new system for upscaling. They didn’t have any of the source materials like the photography or CG scenes; only the final version. Since they had the DPX master instead of something previously encoded into a lossy format, they were able to make the upscale look wonderful. The actual mastering of the film was done by IMAGICA, so it’s strange to see a transition for the home video release. That likely had an effect on the visual differences between 1080p and 4k since two different mastering studios played around with them."
why would they even bother
because it looks better
i wonder how it feels like watching 2160p video? :O
>why would they even bother Because idiots will still buy it. And yes, it's literally fake HDR. The HDR was entirely made up by the studio that did the upscale instead of coming from the source. If that's not fake, I don't know what is.
If they printed out every frame and then took HDR photos of the prints, does that count as real HDR.
\>shit filename
okay, so imagine i encoded this shit movie with this source at 1080p, and i took the specs into account. how would it look like?
Worse than the Italian BD.
This is literally how every HDR master ever is done. Get a clue before you post disinformation.
Also if you wanted to find flaws with the master, you'd be better off pointing out that they used rec709 instead of bt2020 for the colours which actually _is_ retarded (they just used a bt2020 container, which is the same as HDR video games use). You'll still get the benefits of HDR colour volumes, just not the extended colour pallet that allows HDR to shine. It still looks better, just like how HDR video games look better despite also useing rec709 colour space.
>Worse than the Italian BD. What's wrong with the italian BD?
>This is literally how every HDR master ever is done. Get a clue before you post disinformation. No. >What’s wrong with the italian BD? I'm saying downscaling this to 1080p would be worse than the Italian BD, which is the best source.
>This is literally how every HDR master ever is done. Get a clue before you post disinformation. Addition of made-up brightness information during the mastering stage is not how HDR is usually done.

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>usually done Not how it's *supposed* to be done, at least. I wouldn't put it past a lot of mastering/authoring companies to take this route though, especially with anything that was filmed prior to HDR spec being finalized.
Doesn't change fact that kseniasolo is suffering from some serious buyer's remorse over his new TV.
Regardless of whether the HDR is "fake" or not, the movie still looks really good. I've watched the UHD BD and it was easily a better visual experience compared to the 1080p BD. Not sure why some people get their pantsu in a twist because others would rather not watch a 1080p movie on a 4K TV when there is a better option. I can safely say I don't have any buyer's remorse over my OLED panel, but I can't speak for that other guy.
>Addition of made-up brightness information during the mastering stage is not how HDR is usually done. It's how a lot of things are mastered in HDR, though, especially when things are remastered. Games are also done this way and still look better. Look up colour volume. >buyers remorse implying i only watch anime implying i dont buy a new tv every year implying its still not better i mean sorry not everyone is a poorfag lol
defiantly going to give this Oscar worthy film a rewatch in 4k lossless audio in my home theater
i have downloaded and tested on my HDR TV and i can confirm this is as good as the original 4K BD (which i also own)
Wow, 2160p. But then again, I'm still at the point of my life where I watch a 720p blu-ray encode and still am able to sleep at night without any regrets.
The Hong Kong release apparently has borked video and the Japanese Collector's Edition has a better 2160p video.
I downloaded this since I have a 4k LCD but it isn't that crisp. The commie 1080p is actually clearer than this so I think this is just an upscale
Is this better than Namikaze subs? I have absolutely no clue which one to get, they're both 50GB and 4k, but this one seems to have way more complaints.
gg darker than my future can't see shit lmao


@herkz > And yes, it’s literally fake HDR. The HDR was entirely made up by the studio that did the upscale instead of coming from the source. If that’s not fake, I don’t know what is. Absolutely FALSE Originally Posted by 今塚 The data provided is a non-compressed still image sequence number file called DPX. It becomes 1,920 × 1,080 / RGB 4: 4: 4/10 bit / BT.709. This is the main source of this project and I made it all from here. As for 4K / HDR conversion, we first up-convert this data to 4K and then convert it to HDR. Mastering display luminance : min: 0.0000 cd/m2, max: 10000.0000 cd/m2 Maximum Content Light Level : 4996 cd/m2 Maximum Frame-Average Light Level : 297 cd/m2 The HDR tone mapping metadata for displays all need to be "made up" because NO ONE creates rgb art with HDR metadata natively as part of the format. But the RGB/YUV 4:4:4: 10-bit source supplied by Shinkai's studio from his original frame by frame images contains the full range that can fill out that HDR data!
Bought CE "4KUHD". I already know it's like 2K upscaled to 4K. So technically not an actual 4K UHD release. But whatever, It still looks gorgeous and don't mind having a digital version of it :) Thanks!!!
Got some quota left over at the end of this month to burn so looking forward to seeing how this looks, thanks :)
4k anime exists? jesus
can someone who has downloaded the movie please tell me whether it has English words along with Japanese written words like here in 1st image or it is just in Japanese like here in 2nd image ? also, can you please add Hindi Track in it? it was not officially dubbed in Hindi but was done unofficially by animetm dubbers -
this is basically the 1080p version with hdr and gone through waifu2x right?