Video Warrior Laserion (1984) [Luurah - TSHS] episode 01-03

2018-01-01 08:23 UTC
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MATRIX IN! Time for our final release of the 2017 (or first release of 2018, depending on what time zone you live in.) This joint release between TSHS and Luurah Productions has been in the works for a long time, but after a lot of hard work from some very dedicated people, I'm very happy to finally get these episodes released. The initial translations were done by Kiseki 83, with a few problem lines translated by Afternoon Teasan, doanobu and of course the mighty Ametuchi. Piles of thankitude to Pundercracker of MegaBeast Empire Fansubs for his detailed translation QC on episode 1, which included some research on Japanese-language Laserion websites. Shout out to HeatMetal for one last pass on episode 1, and full translation QC of episodes 2 and 3. And a special thanks to Auron_Kenobi. Laserion is very much a product of its time. In the previous year, the Matthew Broderick film WarGames had introduced computer hobbyist culture to a mainstream audience. Following this film's release, the people running computer bulletin boards noted a sudden surge in BBS traffic as kids dragged their parents to Radio Shack or Toys R Us to buy a precious 300 baud acoustic dial-up modem. That high pitched whine (of the modem, or possibly the begging for the trip to purchase it) signaled the entry to a magical world where you could hack into the school computer and change your grades, or at the very least get into a text based conversation with strangers about how Captain Kirk might go about defeating the Daleks. I grew up watching rerun of English dubbed anime series like Prince Planet and Speed Racer. I had fond memories of "those weird old Japanese cartoons," but 1984 was really the year when I became an anime fan. A friend of mine had brought his portable Betamax with him on a vacation in Canada, and the friend he was staying with there introduced him to a show she had videotaped off a French-Canadian TV station, a Japanese cartoon dubbed into French called "Albator." All three of us became obsessed with the show, which we learned was originally titled Space Pirate Captain Harlock. The dealer's room at a local SF convention provided an opportunity to purchase the cel-reproduced Anime Comics for the feature My Youth in Arcadia, as well as bendy figurines of the characters. Voltron hit the UHF airwaves, a hideously dubbed and brutally censored package of episodes from two Toei robot shows, GoLion and Dairugger XV. The American version had kind of a catchy theme song, but I quickly discovered that the English dubbing made it more fun to watch with the sound off. How many of you are aware of the 70s-80s anime club, the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization, better known as the C/FO? I'm sure there's an article about them somewhere, probably on Let's Anime. I have a brief C/FO story that concerns Laserion, for anyone who hasn't already bailed from this description.

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  • Video Warrior Laserion (1984) [Luurah - TSHS] episode 01-03
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Thanks again for subbing old school aninme and Happy new Year! I always love story about early days of anime fandom. I'm from Quebec so Harlock was also my gateway to anime years before I know what is was in early 80's. Long live Luurah and TSHS!