2018-01-01 04:10 UTC
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Emiya-san is such a great husbando. No homo. #doremi@irc.rizon.net

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  • [Doremi].Emiya-san.Chi.no.Kyou.no.Gohan.Episode.01.[1280x720].[B8EE1D6C].mkv (180.3 MiB)
thxs https://myanimelist.net/anime/37033/Emiya-san_Chi_no_Kyou_no_Gohan
why is doremi still alive
Thank you, Doremi still alive aaah Happy NewYear!!!
@eksdieksdi cause they don't know a shit about anything
Hey, be sure to do a shitty reencode of ohys-raws to 10-bit in the future so the comments aren't filled with bullshit like this.
it will still look like garbage
Yes it will look like garbage, but it's way less likely that anyone will bother to say anything about it. So mission accomplished.
Even if it is a re-encode 10bit will make it look better guys seriously it's 2018 how do you not know this?
>why is doremi still alive the trash won't take itself out
Grow up you elitist fucktards, it looks fine. Thank you Doremi. I hope you continue doing this.
Emiya is defenseless ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Trash calling others trash, very amusing. Take your own advice herkz
\>First meme on 2018.
Do-re-mi-a-ri-ga-to-u! >It's 2018 Hahaha, yet why some pricks still alive then?
I smell garbage video quality :(
love being able to piss off countless nerds with a mere 6 words
tfw Shirou will never cook for you
neat. happy new year
Will you release a v2 with FumeiRaws?

Doremi-fansubs (uploader)

Feel free to use the script as you see fit.
Needs more Illya.
jfc why do so many people care enough about video quality that they feel the need to insult the uploaders? just encode your own or wait for a better upload if it bothers you that much
>why do so many people care enough about video quality cause we don't want to watch garbage?
sometimes, garbage looks much better :^)
Thanks a million guys, don't even listen to the trolls. Don't bite the hand that gives you the anime, little bastards...
You guys doing Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2017?

Doremi-fansubs (uploader)

Yes, we're going to do Magical Mirai 2017.
Doremi, if you doing MM 17, appreciate if you can use source from kuchi, https://nyaa.si/view/998707