[HaxTalks] Shuang Yue Zhi Cheng - Twin Moons - Episode 1 Eng Sub [480p]

2017-12-27 18:41 UTC
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![alt text](http://www.mkv4k.com/pic/uploadimg/2016-8/201633012462960877.jpg "Twin Moon") Chinese Name: εŒζœˆδΉ‹εŸŽ, Shuang Yue Zhi Cheng English Title: Twin Moons - Extended Edition Season: 1 Episode No: 1/5 Aired: 2016 Genres: Action/ Sci-Fi/ Mech Audio: Chinese Subtitles: English (Original Hardsubs) File Format: .mkv Size: 130Mb Resolution: 480p Duration: 30 Mins. Note: - These are hardsubs from distributor of the video. We are not responsible for fansubing this title. Plot: In a parallel world in the near future, a catastrophic cataclysm made humanity leave its own homeland and settled on the prime moons and the mysterious moon that were originally satellites. In the contest for limited resources and space, the Crescent Moon City in Xuanwu City rapidly rose with the advantage of artificial intelligence technology and gradually became the last Eden that the survivors yearned for. However, there is a raging undercurrent lurking in this tranquil harbor. When people of different situations gathered in this Garden of Eden, the little-known conspiracy half a century ago gradually surfaced. The fate of big and small people collides, an upcoming science fiction drama about the survival of all mankind.

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  • Twin Moons - EP1 - Original Hardsub - Eng [720p].mkv (130.2 MiB)

TalkedCracker (uploader)

For those who are downloading this please note.. these are extended edition episodes (30 mins each). Hence there are going to be only 5. The normal episodes are 14 min each and are total 13. We are currently not releasing them since they needs to be fan subbed.
Oh damn, I was literally looking at the episodes for this on YouTube just yesterday. This was a nice surprise :)

TalkedCracker (uploader)

But again, heed our warning.. the subs are from distributor and not from our translators or contributors. So dont blame us incase they are screwed up :D :D