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2017-12-26 19:36 UTC
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It's music time again fellow perverts. Maybe something to play under the chimney after the coming of Santa Claus, this LP was never re-released on digital format. The album published in 1985 was meant to be an informal soundtrack for episodes 4 (Pop Chaser) and 5 (Ami Again), with 14 BGM tracks and 2 songs. When you look into the detailed breakdown of the tracks, 7 BGM tracks and the two songs were actually used in episodes 4 and/or 5, 4 tracks were used in other episodes, 3 tracks were not used at all but those are only variations of the two songs so it's not really a miss. Only 3 BGM tracks are found also in the OST Compilation CD (with different titles), so there is a lot of new music to enjoy! About the artists involved, composer is Makaino Kouji who has been involved in a lot of jpop songs, anime soundtracks like Versailles no Bara or the Pierrot magical girl series. The female singer is totally unknown outside of an EP with the exact same songs, it this a cover name for Ami's Seiyuu aka Oikawa Hitomi? We will probably never know. About the (lack of) progress on our fansubbing activity, we are still looking for a motivated translator for the episodes 28+ subbing, please join our IRC channel (#lamonae@irc.rizon.net) if you are interested! Sooner or later we will make a batch #3 release with a few updates, stay tuned and enjoy the coming new year!

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do you have the videos

elgringo (uploader)

The video releases can be found on the sukebei side :D Also take note the singer name was incorrectly tagged, please change to Asaoka Minami if you are a purist. The corrected archives are available in our blog.