[Harunatsu] Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale [BD 1080p-FLAC]

2017-12-25 12:46 UTC
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12.6 GiB
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We’re actively recruiting for TL’ers/TLC, Timers, Typesetters, QC’ers, and Editors. If you’re interested in any of the above roles and wish to join our team, please contact Haruhiro on our IRC channel. Video: 1080p 10-bit Blu-ray Audio: FLAC https://harunatsufansubs.com/ #HarunatsuSubs@irc.rizon.net https://twitter.com/harusubs https://discord.gg/NuStrNz https://www.patreon.com/harusubs If you encounter any playback issues with our release, please make sure you are using a recently-updated version of MPC-HE with madVR or MPV, or check out the playback guide on our website for more information. Credits: Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale TLC: Espronceda Editing: ChromiumKnight Timing: Haru Typesetting: _Keeko and Haru QC: wellivea1 and Haru Insert Song TS: Haru K-timing: NineVult KFX: Haru Encoding: Haru Sword Art Offline - Ordinal Scale TL: Espronceda Editing: ChromiumKnight Timing: Andy29485 and Haru Typesetting: _Keeko and Haru QC: wellivea1 and Haru Encoding: Haru Merry Christmas!! ^_^

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hell yeah!! Merry xmas
Man, not sure if it was the mint sauce or the cranberries, but I've got several gigs of bloat here. Too bad I don't have bat ears to enjoy the burps from the soundbar, oops, the teeny weeny PC speakers. Need some AAC antacid pronto.
Should've asked Santa-san for a new hard drive :^)
He must have wanted a hardsub re-encode for Christmas. Too bad :^)
Thanks guys for this Xmas present.