[Puto] Pokemon / Pocket Monsters / Pokémon the Movie - I Choose You (Nostalgia Mix, Dual Audio, 1080p)

2017-12-23 02:17 UTC
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Thanks to the power of 5.1 track manipulation, this features the English dub of the movie with all of the original Japanese background music restored to it (most of which are recreations of Kanto-era BGM, as opposed to the dub’s generic music). Japanese audio is also included, just because. THIS DOES NOT HAVE ANY SUBTITLES. Have fun! 720p version: https://nyaa.si/view/989744

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  • Pokémon the Movie - I Choose You (Nostalgia Mix) [Puto][Dual Audio 1080p][B3DD621F].mkv (4.7 GiB)

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btw, why still no JP BD raws? :'(
no Japanese 5.1? :(

Puto (uploader)

I can encode the 5.1 jp audio if you want to mux it with this. I didn't include it because 5.1 audio is large and thus it'd make the file much larger. and @MaiconErick, this technically counts as a JP BD Raw if you get rid of the dub audio.
Thanks, I'd appreciate it ^^
i finished the download for the 720p version and just watched it. the english version is a big improvement without that lame dub-soundtrack main point of the movie is nostalgia and nothing sounded like that (not counting the op song). but this right here...THAT'S how it should be in first place thank you

Puto (uploader)

@David92 https://mega.nz/#!0awlyLRZ!9Xc_6v-K3EzFLvI5FJP0fYG3_U4fqpVoQ6dUV4tXEu4
@Puto Thank you very much :)
About the only thing "wrong" with this is that it still keeps the Mezase Pokémon Master instrumental which of course would not mean anything to dub fans (unless they played, what was it, the Game Boy Color Pokémon TCG game which had a remix of it?), but... meh, from what I understand it's not like the dub replaced it with anything appropriately nostalgic anyway.

Puto (uploader)

Pokémon Pinball, actually.
Is it possible for the movie 19?

Puto (uploader)

Probably, but I never tried. Nor am I particularly interested in trying, honestly.
Oh, I would appreciate it if it were like that.
Why is it listed as english translated when there is no subs ?
Instaburst: Because the default audio is English?
Hope to have a subbed version soon ^^ Thanks so much.